Funcom botched server trimming

Right, OK, but I’m saying the official rules on PvP specifically allow that behavior - maybe even promote it. Not the case on PvE.

And where does the rules say they make a difference between pvp and pve? What people expect from pve and what they will get in the end are very two different things tele. And I doubt that exploitative behaviour is acceptable or in alliance with any rules no matter the game mode.

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Caught them trying to foundation spam an area and they were utilizing a bug where if you place 1 foundation in an area it won’t decay, it stayed literally at 0 decay for days. These were littered all over. Server is pretty on top of stuff when it comes to scouting. Allies pulled the trigger and raided their base. Had a frank conversation after with the offenders regarding a couple of points especially about ToC.


This is the thing a lot of people misunderstand about Official PvP. We’re not beasts, we explain why we do what we do. Established players have reputations to uphold, and peace to keep. This is not sarcasm.

You’re completely correct. The glaring difference is with PvP, if there’s an exploit, your enemy is using it. If you do not use it you are at a comparative disadvantage. Therefore, the incidence of exploitative behavior is much greater on PvP servers. We’re not saints, some of us do share with allies if there’s a necessity. As in, if someone can craft a God on one world and arrive on my world with it in inventory.


This particular story has a bit more weight to it, because there are other players on the server who can verify the activity. My take on it is from almost 10 months experience on the server, especially post-transfer.

I myself can’t say this is toxic. What it does present are some challenges. What I did have to wrap my brain around was the idea that new players Transferred in, waited the cooldown, then struck. And then took the Magic Tardis out, potentially even right there on my somewhat charred doorstep.

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I don’t know if they had botched the server trimming or not. But I do know one thing about at least what has been happing to my game since the server trimming. And that is that the lagging in my game has gotten worse. To the point of where the game freezes for a microsecond.

The servers as is couldn’t handle what was happened, we have twice the lag now with more structures and players pressed together. Good luck even going near the Red Mother on my Siptah server. The lag is insane.

That was my thought as well. I think that if they would just scale back the closing of servers. It would clear up some of the lagging. Now I don’t know what was on their minds when they were planning this closing of the some of the servers. But I do know that by doing so will cause a traffic jam on the official servers. And that will cause sever lagging in the game for players that do play on official servers. It’s just plain common sense. It makes me think of New York City during rush hour with only a handful of city streets open.

It’s the lack of, not the inclusion of certain rules. The server settings for officials allow for off-line raiding and server transfers. Those two together make server raids an official thing for PvP players - should they so undertake those activities. Of course with FC it’s always an unknown so maybe they will start banning people now that they have set it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

For PvE you could only consider the described behavior as deviant or opportunistic - where players lay in wait to take advantage of a hole in FC’s logic and procedure.

So no server transfers for European and North American servers on the list. Stuck in indefinite date mode. I am not sure if they are loosing money or if anyone with any influence in the company is paying attention to the frustration caused by this announcement to their community of players who are waiting for transfer.

It’s like no cost benefit analysis is being done on whether the move works or if it gets messed up. What strategic leadership is there in this group?


Speculations aside, you don’t need to wait any longer. Start playing. Play on the server you on as if the announcements never happened or transfer your self to another. There’s no need to wait and thus should be no frustration. If you were all packed up and ready to go, unpack, simple as that.

ooo. ooo. ooo. I know the answer!


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This process began while there were already numerous unresolved reports of character transfer failures on at least one platform.
This one would have suggested resolving the character transfer bug before beginning a process that will require many characters to be transfered. But this one is very odd and not at all leadership material for the modern world.
Perhaps there were other factors, such as renewal of lease on servers impending.

Either way, an unfortunate display and rough implementation of an already vexing event. Even if everything had gone smoothly, many feathers would have been ruffled. With these particular wibbles also coming up… This one does not see how it could have been other than a clearance sale on pitchforks and torches.


for the wise ones who know everything, the new goal of how to play conan, hide on the map and make a trunk with a character and sabotage the other clans, as you should no longer lay foundations or buildings because they report you and you get banned to your clan, these dirty players just play sabotage, they plant temples around your base, which costs only a little stone and wood and for the one who plays Conan legally, you have to destroy said temples with bombs or explosive arrows, that is, much more expensive than planting temples. That is the balance you speak? game balance? There is no more rivalry is to sabotage, the enemy does not lose anything, he only has to make stone tools and plant them in your base. Good job guys the new rat meta of conan has arrived.

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