Funcom broke their game with 3.0

So with this little magic tomfoolery got a couple little things i think yall pulled straight out a rabbit hat ar the circus

  1. Lightining is cheaper than bombs and gods but does the same amount of damage as gods and ignores god bubbles, permastructures ect. 3 spells u can wipe any base

2.constant crashing on any official and most all community servers cant even load inventory once you load a server cause you get booted so drop on death servers are a no go

3.your build tool sometimes deletes already made structures but its aight

  1. Last but certainly not least on this emotional rollercoaster theres now an exploit using the magic you released to go through player structures like an admin on community servers please tell me what kind of clownery is that , farm up on a 2x to have a mf just bust through the wall like the ghost of christmas passed and then proceed to violate me with smoke and lightning spells…not to mention the base was high up, proper anticlimb…and honeycombed
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So here you pvp guys have your server wipes you have asked for so long. I see no problems with that…

There was a thread made about this specifically in testlive and the amount of people like @SnakeBitezzZ that came in just to be sarcastic was unreal. There’s no reason the spell should ignore all mesh in the game and do insane damage at such a low cost.


“Funcom broke their game with 3.0”
No! They didnt! Solution✔️ This can be closed!

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U trying to tell me phasing through player made structures with ur character isnt an exploit and the result of a game being broken?

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