FUNCOM "community" banned me for nothing, not providing any proofs, ignoring my PM

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Hello all! TOPIC IS: FUNCOM community banned me for nothing, not providing any evidence or proofs of fault, ignoring my later PM. In one short letter one of them told me, I was banned for “harassment, exploiting, and use of offensive language”. Then I asked for proofs, he just ignored me.
Was banned from 11-24 or 11-25 and still under ban, cause can’t join more than 2 weeks now, and they just keep ignoring me.
And I did ask them politely , w/o insults. not to mention I wasn’t harassing anyone or exploiting (never did), can’t even remember using “offensive language” last few months! Yet I’m still banned and can’t play the game I PAID FOR!
This post probably will be deleted soon (cause they do that they want here), but I think something must be done AGAINST these TYRANTS calling themselves “Conan Exiles community”. HONESTLY…

This is probably not what you want to hear, but making a forum post here won’t help you much, even if you had a more “friendly” tone. Your best bet is waiting for those two weeks/trying to appeal your ban.

Ban appeals are explained here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures

Make sure to read the rules

he already did : Can't connect to official PVE-C server

or maybe not carefully enough.

Also to be noted that in the " clan & personnal responsibility " section you can read the following :

It falls under your responsibility to make sure not to break any of these guidelines and when in doubt, please contact any of our staff in our forums.

It also falls under your responsibility to make sure no one in your clan is abusing game mechanics or partaking in continued harassment. Do not associate under any circumstances with players you suspect are hacking, exploiting or abusing any of the guidelines above. If you suspect any of them are partaking in such actions, please report them to our staff and distance yourself or your clan from these players.

It is also your responsibility to know which clans you’re currently a member of, on any official server. If you are not going to be active in a server, please remember to leave the clan or ask to be kicked from it after a certain period of time.

Ignorance to these actions and guidelines will not be taken into consideration when appealing any possible restrictions put in place against your account due to this oversight.

Maybe ( and I say MAYBE ) it can be some actions a clanmember did , on another server , impacting him since he maybe didn’t left said clan …

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Thanks for linking this one @Kanza1. Mr. DP was apparently banned again. Guilty until proven otherwise :woman_shrugging: