Funcom: consider adding an (optional) short term survey IN-GAME to see what the community as a whole wishes to see prioritized

I don’t think that these forums reflect the greater community’s opinions and while Conan Exiles has sold really well, the game has failed abysmally at maintaining a consistent community of dedicated long term players.

Why is this?

Many on these forums seem to have a variety of explanations (and denials), but the reality is that this community is not representative of the greater player base. Most players don’t visit forums at all, while many others use the Steam forums or Reddit or some other site to discuss the game.

Perhaps, after two years post launch, with a new map and GAAS being mentioned in the investor report, now is the time to ask the community to give feedback on the current state of the game and their opinion as to what the developers should focus on. Given the apparent desire to continue development on the game, I think such a thing would be worthwhile in order to better understand why players of this game are so transient, and better understand what players on the whole care about the most.


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