FUNCOM DEVs, please implement TRADING POSTS and/or MARKETS to the game!

Dear Funcom, can you please consider implementing TRADING POST station to the game, so the players could trade with each others using GOLD and SILVER coins, making selling (OFFERS) and buying (ORDERS) offers by interacting with the TRADING POST STATION.
As I imagine, mechanics for this kind of update could be very simple, like a chest with content, visible by all server players, containing OFFERS and ORDERS items with marked price.
To sell something player puts his/her items inside the TRADING POST making an OFFER with the price in gold and silver coins he wants to get for it. ORDERS can be made if player wants to buy something, so he/she does the same like with offers, only he describes the item and the price he/she pays for it.
Buying player interacts with trading post station and monitors OFFERS and ORDERS. If he/she likes something and has enough gold and silver in inventory, he/she can press BUY button and get the desired item right to his/her trading station (could be done with reasonable delay or w/o it). Order fulfilling seller just brings ordered resource to trade post station ans presses SELL button, gets his gold and silver and lives happily ever after :slight_smile:
This game improvement will make a HUGE UPGRADE to Conan Exiles economy, will let measuring it with gold and silver circulation, will make real use of gold and silver coins, which are almost useless now, and more importantly, will let new players to have access to the new and better stuff w/o huge grinding process. Old and mature players will get a chance to get rid of the stuff they don’t need to buy stone (or whatever) they lazy to dig themselves, so it’s WIN-WIN situation for all players, I think it will bring a new life to this game (IMHO of course).

Please consider my suggestion seriously, as the game really misses this cool feature and because it could be implemented with out much of efforts from game DEVs.

Thank you for reading this, please leave your comment bellow if you like my suggestion!

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If you, dear DEVs, will think my idea is worth your attention, please start with implementing most simple small trading post station only with OFFERS section (players can offer their goods for their price). On this stage it will be REAL BIG upgrade to the economy, and later it could be developed even further, adding ORDERS section (players can order the goods for the price they pay), LARGER (city markets with lots of slots) and MEDIUM (clan trading posts), FOOD MARKETS for trading perishable goods, such as meat, drinks, animals and so on, BARTER MARKETS, or even a SLAVE MARKETS, where players could sell already placed animals or thralls to other players.
Also you can add a BOUNTY HUNT feature to the specific market place, so the AI could place rewards for killing specific boss creature in specific time, or where other players could place a BOUNTY for the heads (and/or loot) of their enemies, things like that would be VERY COOL :slight_smile:
As I imagine, it is not very hard to implement, but it will bring lots of new fun to the game.

Thanks for reading!

This kind of stuff is not as simple to implement as you suppose. Especially since the game’s economy in general is still broken.

However, I for one, would love to see something resembling rudimentary thesbians (from Pippi mod) in the base game. I would appreciate at least a “drop box” container, that players can put items in, but only the owner can remove items from. That would allow for drop trading and economy.

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