Funcom! Did you know ...?


Did you know that some kind of event on the official servers (and likely all others) will send you deep down into the annuls of your base, buried inside of a foundation? Did you know? It actually works against all connected players - at the same time!

Well, in case you didn’t - it looks like this. This is the view from inside your own character’s bootyhole - buried in foundations:

And now, Funcom, you know!!



It’s just embarrassing at this point.

Should be top priority next to dealing with hackers.

If they’d log into any server, Official or Private with any population, and spend more than 5 minutes they’d see the things we see.


The problem is that they can’t find the hackers because they are all hiding inside of their own foundations. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Well, good thing i play on PvE. I have yet to encounter this but i am hoping my hollowed out build will save me from getting entombed.
This sucks nards, though.

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It’s PvE too… I play on PvE exclusively and it happens all the time.


@Cauthey was it Server 1742 where you built onto the Nord hillside and your sandstone got munched by a Purge when you were away thanks in part to my misplacing my underpants?

If so, wasn’t that in 2020? I seem to think this was patched at that time.

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Funcom does know.

It is unfortunate that they did not have a fix ready yet for the June patch, and with summer break going on now, there probably won’t be any other patches until August.

But, yes, they do know about it.

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