Funcom doesn't want you to know the truth 2

Hello community

So 3 weeks ago I have submitted 8 exploits to funcom-you know to help… I have 8 more to submit. They haven’t returned any answer since then. Usually (with other companies that place bug bounty) the submiting person receives an answer-it could be “thanks, you’ve earned your pay” or “sorry, you weren’t the first to report it” or "we couldn’t reproduce, so…"BUT THERE IS AN ANSWER
With funcom-there is none, which means they either didn’t look at the exploits or they knew it. I am not sure which one is worse
If they knew it-it means thy are simply not fixing them
If they didn’t look-means they don’t care

Now in my previous post someone asked me “not to help” slamming this company, cause they have low resources and can’t just increase them
O Boohooo poor funcom.
If you don’t have resources you have 3 options

  1. Rise with investors (yes they won’t like investing into running project, but you can claim that with making it perfect-the next project ill be a tremendous success and you give him percents of next project)
  2. Rise by crowdfunding
  3. Do not sell your product as AAA.
    But if you do you need to provide AAA support. In any other iindustry if a client receives less then he was led to believe it’s either misleading or a fraud. In both cases - criminal offence
    But whw will sue funcom over price of 1 game?
    There is also additional option: write a disclaimer, where you state that your support resources are low and you might suffer from various bugs and exploits

Please also don’t give me that crap about new portal where they categorized bugs and you see what is in development/fixing process-I looked at it and none of the exploits I submitted is there and they work
Infinite stamina, 12 blocks jump, invisible storage, duping (yes it works-you only need to DDOS the server, which is easy, since you’re already connected)

So I am sorry, but I for one will not be purchasing their newly announced strategic game. Why should I buy a product from those who respect none of us as customers?
So shouldn’t you buy it.
May be then funcom will realize the term of “public relations” and “CUSTOMER experience”
One should invest in that, if he wants to sell more.

Now go on-silence me, ban me, do what you do best-hiding from the truth
Oh and btw-if there is even 1 exploiter in entire community-it’s bad enough, cause 1 exploiter on server of 40/40 and server dies. Then he jumps to another. How many really crowded servers funcom has? Will 10 fingers be enough to count?


We’re very sorry to hear you’re not satisfied. Please understand that we will only reply to post that come through Exploit Hunters if you’ve submitted exploits we aren’t aware of, or if we deem the exploit you’ve reported to be severe enough.

Looking at your post history I can see that you’ve submitted several exploits before, all of which we were aware of. Just because we don’t respond to these submissions does not mean we don’t care. We have coders assigned to the exploits you mention specifically in this thread and they are being worked on, but game development is a marathon, not a sprint, and sometimes these exploits take time to fix.

The reason we don’t highlight known exploits on our Trello board is because we want to limit how much we talk about them publicly. Just because something isn’t listed on the board doesn’t mean we’re not working on it.

I’m going to lock this thread as it is in violation of our community guidelines.