Funcom don't nerf Horse pvp to much

In my opinion they do not complain because the horses are over. Over would be one class over another or one champion over another, in Conan we are all the same, anyone can have a horse. What are the horses over? on a fighter on foot? For that reason the spear is over on the daggers and must be nerfed. What happens with horses is: 1st - you cannot chase and kill a player on horseback if you go on foot 2nd - if you ride a horse to chase and kill players you lose all the advantage of “skill pvp” because on horseback you cant dodge, so you are on an equal footing with any other player (with the same gear of course). So what people complain about about horses is that they have lost that ADVANTAGE that they had with respect to more novice players.

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Horse is incredibly balanced and ground pvpers should adapt or die…

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It is a mistake to reduce damage on a charging 2000 lb beast that would cripple you and break several bones on your body if you would get ran over by one. In reality it should do more damage but than again i personally like more realism injected into the game.

In order to balance things out a bit I would start by making horses SUPER “disposible” no leveling them up just luck of the draw stats upon placement and nerf there vitality so they would die quicker sort of like a glass cannon.

Because this is a game nothing in the game should kill you with less than 3 hits, nerf animals especially the sabretooth, currently it can 1 shot you instant death right off a horse. Imagine if you are a foot soldier running from a 1 smack kill. This is a bigger problem than horses also thralls 1 hit killing players.

  1. Nerf sabretooths
  2. Nerf thrall damage
  3. Make horses with less vitality fragile but deadly

horses are a tool for the player to control. The damage that thralls and sabretooths do has to do with AI fighting players. Improve the player experience by nerfing these 2 but dont nerf our tools that make us as players more dangerous.


This. And they cant figure out a horse macro like the poke and roll macro.

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I love all this “new players advantage” posts about horses.
As if there’s some kind of “you can mount” block after 200 or more hours of game so old players can’t use it.
CE is extremely new player unfriendly game in general. Each update adds more and more mechanics and items without any easy to get description for new players.
Horses are not some magical tool for new players to fight against old players.
Old players “farming bots” is what usually happens.
Old player knows what stats for max damage they need. What’s the best armor for horse raider and what’s is the best weapons to use.
They know what items and mechanics to abuse to get maxiumum 1shot damage. (Hello berserker wine on EL and Berserker aspect helm on Siptah with pure +50% damage to every attack).
Do new players know about all of this? I’m pretty sure they don’t.
So what usually happens?
People roll on the server. Start playing, building base etc…and then out of nowhere 1 or 2 people on horse+ сat pet roll to their base and just “farm bots”.Then that old players just blow up their base and sh*t talk them in game chat.
Would old player feel so confident if he/they were on foot against 2-4 newbies clan. I don’t think so.
Current on foot pvp balance favours groups so you can’t just faceroll groups of new players.

Also about macro…why use macro if you can use 3rd party soft for flying horse exploit? Pretty popular on russian officials.

The problem for “old players” is that all that knowledge about stats, armor, weapons and other mechanics can be learned very quickly: you just need someone who knows all that and is willing to teach. The same is not the case with agility in PVP, it is something that has to be trained and the longer the better you are, what the “old players” want is to have that “plot of exclusivity”, that’s why they are so against mechanics that they facilitate the PVP. Personally I have + 4000h in CE and I think that everyone should have a chance to fight, so I am against nerfing mechanics that make the PVP more accessible to new players, because who will be left in the game? I understand that CE does not have too many players, but the more hardcore they do it in terms of PVP in the end they will get 50 people to stay playing in total (considering that other games like TBC Classic are already coming out, if the new changes annoy enough people they will not remain the punching balls of the “veterans” they will simply change the game …).

The difference is that, as I understand the macros are not illegal, by using haks you can get a permaban XD

By the way, macros are useless in mounted combat … XDD

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honestly i had no trouble with mounted horse … climb on something and then watch them get disgruntle about unable to reach you

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LMAO you don’t play pvp much don’t you?
I can instantly take bow with poison arrow and put you back down in a second.

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Except you can’t because you got that one tick of bleed from a simple spear hit by the horseman. And if you somehow managed to get on top of something, watch them pull out a bow with gas arrows. Good luck staying out of reach

Or I can go on a modded server place down traps and use a launch pad and fling myself to safety

Didn’t know everyone in this community play on Thralls wars erp rp server.

I think you misunderstood the intentions behind my post Strider5599. I agree, with you. The nerfs done for PvP balance do hurt PvE and Singleplayer. And the cycle will never stop, I have seen the pattern and spoke out about it for years now (I predict that Sabretooths & Jungle Cats will be the next on the chopping block). I have just frustratedly accepted that it is not going to end end anytime soon. Just on the record here too Strider5599, I am not a PvP player. I am a purely Offline Singleplayer.

The best approach I feel that Funcom can take in this case is to create a new Slider, for ‘Mounted/Horseback damage outputs’ (just like they did for the Thrall to Player damage slider), then turn the damage down on PvP servers, but leave it intact on PvE servers.

I am probably not the best man to tell you this kivkotare. As I noted above, I am an Offline Singleplayer. I have had forays on PvP on a friends xbox, but it just wasnt my forte. War axes and greatswords seem to be popular at the moment. Other than that, best to ask a PvPer on that one.

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That makes too much sense, FC always takes the easy way out and just nerfs everything to oblivion. You know it is true.