Funcom Fails to Address Serious Bug - Breaks Gameplay, Loses Players

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There is currently a widespread issue where building pieces, placeables, and inventories will disappear. Sometimes it will be only a few building pieces, sometimes half a base, sometimes all of the base. Players’ inventories will empty with no death. Placeables will disappear in sealed rooms.

The reports are all from official servers.

There are no mods involved.

It happens on PvP, PvE, and PvE-C servers.

The event logs are always empty.

The purge meter does not reset.

There is no damage to surrounding pieces.

In many cases, nothing is stolen, despite being exposed.

The players were always active within 24 hours of the disappearances.

This game has no future if the work and effort of a player is negated in one night. Funcom is ignoring this.

There are 20+ reports of this behavior:

The following via this forum:

The following via Reddit:

My friend had some stairs disappear today even with the decay timer up in the hundreds and no damage around it’s surroundings and nothing in the event log.

Yeah, it’s a common thing, i got things from chests or vaults to whole secondary bases disappear regularly with nothing in logs. Sadly, problem isn’t acknowledged by funcom because it can’t be 100% reproduced

So this is the second time I have had a base near the Black Galleon disappear. Just a thrall farming base, all t3. Was 4 days since I was there, come to find it completely gone foundations and all. Nothing in the event log except someone killed my dancer thrall.Why does this happen? If it was a raid then fine but nothing in the event log and I doubt they would have destroyed an empty Wheel and every single brick of my base. Any thoughts would be appreciated

I had an entire base in the Mounds of the Dead just vanish, some other clan built over where it was. Nothing in my log. I thought they were using the explosives glitch but I just witnessed one of their bases vanish with no one online. Has to be some land claim issue.

This just happened to me today. My main base where I logged out last is the one that disappeared. All my other bases were fine. Maybe due to the recent hotfix?

So, I’ve recently got back on to Conan Exiles and actually did pretty good. I’ve built a great base, got all kinds of geared up. Everything’s going well until one day. I get back on and all my stuff is missing. I’m not talking about someone broke in and took all my loot. It’s just the crazy thing is that no one has broken in everything is still intact. Just all my loot inside my chests and stations are all missing.

The following via Steam:

So I had a level 2 set temple at 1 base that was fine, but everytime I built a Tier 1 temple at another base it would be gone after the servers reset. After 3 missing temples, I built it again and immediately upgraded it to T2. It hasnt disappeared so far in 3 resets. So the bug seems to be restricted to the T1 temples.

I started playing for the first time in awhile and I noticed my crafting benches were gone but not the loot in them. Anyways I disabled the building deterioration setting in my game and one of my buildings just disappeared except for a couple of braizers and some thralls. It had my bed and some chests full of stuff I temporarily stashed there so I could rebuild the missing work benches.

Almost all my workbenches and storage have disappeared; basically nearly everything from inside my house (except for 2 cabinets and a table) have vanished, including attached thralls, wall decorations and braziers. I was online at the time, i went out the door, came back in and everything was gone, everything outside is still there. Given that I had just started to build tier 2 workshops I have lost a lot of mats and time.

this has also happened to me !!! very annoying i guess i can say bye to my stuff.

same here

I thas happened again, except this time everything bar 4 thralls have disappeared. A complete set of tier 2 crafting stations, most of which with tier 3 thralls, all the mats I had stored gone, again.
**** this game.

Two hours later I returned and only two stations were missing. Just a furnace and carpenter’s stand. The carpentry thrall I lost was only a T2, omg, my other carpenter’s station has a named thrall on it, I’m sooooooo glad that wasn’t missing.

I am posting this here to raise awareness and attention. This is a serious issue that has short-and-long-term consequences for the health of this game.

Player retention will continue to drop for as long as peoples’ constructions disappear, through no player or enemy action. The game simply erases your hard work.

Funcom! Anyone! Please. Help. Us.


While I don’t think Funcom is actively ignoring your reports (the event log being dramatically expanded could be a result of this feedback, or at the very least help encourage it), I think you have done an outstanding job of highlighting this issue. I’ve said this before, but as a builder, it breaks my heart seeing these reports. I truly, really, hope Funcom can isolate the issue and get this resolved. Hopefully the new and improved event log (whenever it’s released) will also help with that.


You’re right, it is very unlikely that Funcom is actively ignoring these reports. I may have engaged in a bit of hyperbole there.

I do honestly believe that the community representatives on these forums genuinely care about the players having a good experience with this game. I also believe that they, and any developers who may end up being aware of this, do have a drive to address the issue and recognize its seriousness.

In my experience, inaction on these kinds of things usually comes from management. I’m trying to get their attention :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wanted to add my sympathies. I’ve never experienced anything like this (in singleplayer) yet I can imagine how it must feel. Can easily understand why players get a bit hyperbolic or heated at times. Games should be our fun time away from the problems of the world/our lives, so when stuff gets badly messed up in our games, yeah it can be really frustrating.

Especially if you’ve spent ages farming and grinding out an epic build or something and… * poof *

The Funcom devs truly seem like a decent crew… management I have doubts about. I also suspect that they’re understaffed for a game of this scope and complexity.


Funny fact: Funcom’s CEO is someone who worked his way up from AI tech to CEO :ok_hand:t3:, he wrote a thesis on AI when graduating. Seeing the AI in this game he should be ashamed tho, I really wonder if he is aware of the poor(almost non existing) AI in CE.

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The issues you described is from a bloated database file. There is no bug fix for this simply because there is just software and hardware limitations at play. The actual fix is to periodically wipe the servers. For official, due to the migratory nature of players, should opt for a 3 week wipe cycle.

That would fix every issue you described.

Stuff disappears because you place something, store something, or pick up something. It is in the RAM of your computer and the RAM of the Server. But due to the congestion of the game.db file. It never gets written (or is overwritten at a later date). Hence why it seems to disappear without a trace or log of it happening.

To use an analogy. You have a gasoline powered car. Its tank of gas size and fuel efficiency ensures you can go 300 miles. The official servers are trying to coast to 600 miles.

It doesn’t work. Its not designed for that, and physics just doesn’t allow for it. So you have to refill every so often. Or in the case of servers, wipe those databases.


I would like to know from where you’ve received this insider knowledge. Which developer or department told you this?

I play other games with similar gameplay. They do not suffer from this behavior.

Additionally, it does not affect all servers, even ones with massive builds. Conversely, empty servers with small builds can be affected (mine for example - all the old bases I’d come across have decayed, and I haven’t seen anyone other than myself active for about a week and a half).

This has been acknowledged as an issue by two different community representatives, as well.

I appreciate you offering an explanation, but it does not appear to be very accurate.


It always cracks me up to see your attempts at explaining how the game works when you actually have no clue.


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