Funcom filtering messages about server outages

I just tried to post one to let folk know that Official server #1600 PvP - g-portal . us is currently down. It seems the spam filter prevents such from being posted.
Why isn’t there a public and open reporting system to share server outages?

We would never implement a filter which would automatically remove server outtage posts and there is public and open reporting system.
Sticky with info on how to report server downs right here.

Please report any future issues through

There ya go right here. I have my issues with gameplay and technical issues, but I can never accuse Funcom of not communicating. Thanks for being on top of things.


Our automated spam filter, Akismet, has temporarily hidden your post in *Server Outage, Official Server #1600 PvP - g - portal . us for review.

A staff member will review your post soon, and it should appear shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

That one has still not been released and that server is down again after being up for only 2 hours.

And I do report these outages using the funcom form, however this is zero tracking or accountability.

0210 GMT
Official Server #1600 PvP - g - portal . us still unavailable, checked with 3 other players who frequent that server (CA, CT, NC) with same result. If you are able to access that server, please post here when you are able to. As the Community/PR Director was made aware of this issue, I am reasonably certain that Funcom is aware of the issue.
I’ll be checking battlemetrics in the AM to see when the first person is able to log on the system.

Please understand, I greatly respect how difficult and complex a system like this is, however, your system lacks accountability and ANY system of feedback available to your players. That is why I’ve chosen to voice my displeasure and record this, and future, outages in a public forum.
I encourage other players to do the same, but be rigorous in your testing when doing so. Make sure that friends in different geographic locations are also unable to connect, check battlemetrics to see if it is showing anything odd, and generally make sure that it’s not just you having the issue.

A finished product should not have this sort of issue.

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