Funcom fix the Serversettings.ini for Malstorm

What the hell is this , Chance anything in Matstrom settings.
Malstrom ist gone forever.
Why the Sever allways delete the Malstrom settings and put it to the defaultserversettings.
Fix this Funcom!

What settings?

Mine work.

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This usually happens for 2 reasons:
Either you are using the default values or the syntax of the line is incorrect

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defaultserversettigs is the prob , allways reset my settings.

I c/p the defaultserversettings for malstorm into my Serversettings in the Saves , so what can be wrong with the line of syntax Oo. Is the standart what was set. But if i start the Server allways delete it in my Seversettings…

Second prob : if i change the Malstorm notes ingame in menü , the mahlstrom is never come back to start on map. This is complely buggy.

third prob : Cant find Siptah Server in list , noone …

If you copy paste the settings and you don’t change anything they are deleted because they match the default settings.

which setting exactly

Do you run mods, make sure server with mods is ticked. Also check your filters, maybe you have selected EL as a map.

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Ok thx, right thats can be the reason.
I changed the Notes directly in the Defultserversettings.ini and start the Server. This is the only Way that the Server use the right notes.

Complettly all. For exampleI, i changed ingame that Malstrom can be see on Map. After this malstorm comes no more.

Really… :slight_smile: . I am 3 Jears as Admin ans you thing thats can be the prob ^^
No no, 3 things are activated:

  1. Show full Server = yes
  2. Show Server with mods = yes
  3. Show Private Server = Yes

All others is no changes and show me all Servers with filter internet.
So i get 13-14K Servers found, when i now set the filter on Siptah map
It shows me “0/13814” Servers. Can you explain me the reason for this ??

Do you own the DLC? I am asking because not all server owners are actually playing the game or even owning the game. I do own the DLC and I have no issues seeing Isle of Siptah servers:

Thanks, I will test that.

Sure , i am Hosting and play on my dedicated Server sins sep.20. I can Understand when my Server isnt found in list because i hosting it by my own internetprovider. But why cant i found it with my gaming Pc ^^

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