Funcom fix your screw up or i am done period

I have played since early access , I have 650 hours in playing this game , I was off work for 4 month after knee surgery so had plenty of time in early access.

I have seen server wipes , I have seen bugs and more bugs and exploits galore.

I have never seen as big a screw up by funcom in all early access than what this one super patch has caused .

I logged in today inside several foundations , had to destroy a part of my base to get out , I have all tier3 building in this base , ( preparing for the next purge ) I had 10 archers on the second floor balcony gone , I am sure they are in the foundations below , I had 10 fighters all around the perimeter on the first floor buried in the foundations , I can see some of their heads.

With all this and the nerfs and the change to obsidian making the so costly they just aren’t practicle to use and other aspects of the game I am at my patience end.

How could this patch have been released with this many game breaking bugs , I have never in my 20 years of gaming ever seen anything like this , especially with no response from funcom or quick patch or rollback the patch until it is fixed correctly.

I am sorry this is so long but I am just about done , I may just have a free garage sale and give all my stuff to new players.

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