Funcom flaw - blanket punishment

Proving someone is speed hacking is a lot harder than just showing a SS of them saying something racist in open chat. Do you agree?


We are of a mind.



And I use the Mute button liberally. Right after I screenshot and report.


NOT. . .lol. Your running around naked, lag/latency may be an issue, etc.

Слово не воробей

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Seriously, smart folk rock.


Why does that matter? I don’t care how many people are used to it or how long they’ve been doing it. In times of Mark Twain, everyone used to use the n-word casually, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. If someone is being toxic in chat wrong, and it’s also against the rules. That’s what matters.

The rules about harassment are as clear as they can be:

That’s really as clear as any rule definition can get. What more do you want, specific examples of what not to say? Because if that’s what you’re waiting for, it’s not gonna happen. Giving examples opens the rules to “rule lawyering”, i.e. toxic trolls complaining about bans along the lines of “but I didn’t say any of those things”.

Seriously, dude, defending harassment is not really a smart hill to die on.


Just so we are clear, racists are morons studying to be idiots, and failing.

Now that this is out of the way, if someone is making racist comments and they are not certain that is what got them banned, they are too stupid to be on the Internet.


Strange how the 30+ PVP servers I’ve played on since 2017 have all been in the 01%
Even when we got mad no one called anyone a slur? Maybe it was just because I’ve been playing on servers with mature players? Weird


Given how difficult it is to get Funcom to do something about problem players (search the forums for posts about Funcom NOT doing anything if you don’t believe me) the fact that you got banned not once but TWICE means that whatever you or your clan members were doing was really really bad and very obviously a bannable offense.

So here’s a suggestion, stop engaging in behavior that will get you banned and stop associating with people that do so.

It’s not that difficult to behave like a decent person.


This is the point: these rules do not apply to everyone equally I have put some example above, but I can put more, in other games you know what you should not do to avoid being banned, in Conan not. My own clan got banned 1 or 2 years ago and we didnt know why after Funcom told us they ban us for 2 days because some building in volcano blocks some npc… so teoricaly every building thar blocks any npc (dafrafi, nordheimer or something) its susceptible to get banned… and later you see a huge building occuping a half map, blocking a lot of npc, you report and nothing happends… its the real problem, or all or noone.

You are lucky, en EVERY server ive played the smallest thing that was said that “we f$&ed your base” or “we f$&ed you” something like that. I dont like trash talking, I prefer destroy bases to 0 it get better effect in enemies than insulting them, much better.

You seem to be in a “perception crisis”, where nothing seems fair and you are always the victim. We get that.
The fact that FC told you WHY you got banned and you still don’t get it , speaks volumes about you ever getting it.

Let me tell a little story about an activity in Planetside 2 (a PVP only MMO). My faction was pushing from one base to another. I noticed the enemy was being a bit salty about losing the last base claiming our faction’s weapons were a crutch and all that.

I decided to play that against them. I decided to taunt them a bit by telling them they should reroll and play with some real weapons. That they were just gimping themselves by not playing a stronger faction. They took it hook, line, and sinker.

Instead of redeploying to defend the next base, they stayed in the area, many of them still on respawn screens (so they could stay in the area and give rebuttals). I continued forward in a support role but stayed just in range of /shout so I could continue the argument. I noticed there was 12-24 still in the base area after we started taking the next base. Meaning they were still there, still at respawn, and in no way could they threaten our base (since their next one up the line was being taken).

If they didn’t stay behind like that, they would have outnumbered us. They could have pushed us back. They could have won. But I managed to tie up about 2 squads of people by myself with just words.

Here’s the thing though. I never once used a slur, never once used profanity, never once personally attacked anyone. I gave my opinion (well made up one) on their faction’s weapons and capabilities. Everything I did was in line with the TOS, EULA, and CoC.

So what exactly did I do? Well to be fair, it was pretty dirty. I mean one person causing an entire faction’s attacking force to stop is pretty OP. But I didn’t break any rules. It was just PVP PsyOps.

Let’s talk about another activity, this time in ArchAge a PVP focused MMORPG. I was in a dominant guild. By Conan Exiles terms it was an ‘alpha’ guild. We controlled all of the PVE content and did it on cooldown/respawn. And in PVP we dominated chokepoints and traderoutes. When castles became a thing, we captured 3/4 on the first day.

Needless to say, not everyone was a fan of ours. Comes with the territory. Frequently people called us a zerg guild that only won with numbers. Again, I decided to play on that. Our membership was about 300 members. With the ability to field 50-80 players in a large PVP situation, though frequently less. Some guilds were actually larger, but not as organized. If we had 300 people online, we could get 100 of them to a location within 5 minutes.

Anyway, I posted a doctored screenshot of our guild tab. Instead of showing 300ish people it showed 3000something. I edited it well, so that it had the proper tabs and all that. And to stay within forum guidlines, I blurred names.

The result was devastating. People literally quit the server. Several guilds within a day or two folded. Only one person tried to contest the screenshot but not because they could tell it was doctored, but because they simply couldn’t believe that ‘half the server is in one guild’. And their posts were lost in the commotion and insults and all the other stuff that immediately followed of people being… well quite upset that they ‘knew’ they had absolutely no chance against those kind of numbers.

Again, no slurs, no profanity, no personal attacks. Just a little white lie that played into what people were already thinking.

The rules on slurs and profanity is to keep a sort of sportsmanship. If you’re going to trashtalk, and trashtalk you should. You should do it in a manner that falls in line with the rules. You don’t need profanity to do it. You don’t need to personally attack your opponent to do it.

I’ve proven that playing by the rules is FAR more effective than not. But that depends on if you want to win, or just vent at someone represented by pixels. I usually play to win. I don’t need to go out of my way to hurt peoples’ feelings. Winning will do that on its own. And if they don’t get their feelings hurt, then they simply make better opponents. That’s what I call a win-win.


What I’m saying is that when I told someone why they banned us for 2 days, no one believed me, no one had ever been banned for that, some for undermesh, others for using a program but no one had ever heard that they were banned. to build. And this is not the specific case, it is just an example that you can be banned for nonsense when others are reported and get rid of heavier things. Personally, what interests me is knowing what you should not do to avoid being banned, because although there are some published rules, it is not really clear at all. Although it honestly gives me the impression that Funcom bans in the following way: it stops illegally but only reports 1 or 2 -well it’s not serious, we give it 1 week or 2 / it does something illegal but the whole server is crying (not for that “illegal” but because it is also raiding and destroying everyone’s houses) -permaban

If you refer to your claims of speed hacking, it’s irrelevant to your defense of verbal harassment. You were defending “trash talk”, and I was replying to that.

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I totally agree with you, my own clan tried to get banned recently with invented proofs because we were raiding the entire server and I know that when you are alpha you must be careful because when people cannot beat you they try to get you banned. What I’m saying is that the rules that Funcom sets should apply equally to everyone

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Im defending nothing, i just saying if Funcom bans one clan for trash talking they should ban all clans who did the same, dont agree? I know a guy who was permabanned for +50 stats, then ive reported a clan (i dont gonna say from what coutry they was to not be a racist XD but i guess everybody knows) who had +50 stats+undesmesh in bat cave with a fu&%&g God Bubble inside…XDD and they just got 2 week ban… with this im not defending trash talking but im saying the rules not applied to everyone equally, and I have a lot more examples of that.

Yes, I agree. But the burden of proof is on you. In other words, if you claim that the harassment rules are not being applied equally, then you need to show proof of a clan that:

  • engaged in verbal harassment
  • got reported with sufficient proof of harassment provided
  • and never got banned

Again, that’s not what I was replying to. You were the one who replied specifically to me about “trash talk” and that’s what I was discussing.

The rules are pretty clear if you have an ethical mindset. If you need to be told where to pee, when to eat, where to sleep, etc, than you clearly have no concept of integrity and consistency of character and are governed by how much you can get away with in life.
One can describe a person as having ethical integrity to the extent that the individual’s actions, beliefs, methods, measures, and principles all derive from a single core group of values. An individual must, therefore, be flexible and willing to adjust these values to maintain consistency when these values are challenged—such as when an expected test result is not congruent with all observed outcomes. Because such flexibility is a form of accountability, it is regarded as a moral responsibility as well as a virtue. I cant explain it in any simpler terms . . .

I’m in the minority in that I actually have no problem with toxicity I think trash talking is a lot of fun and a really enjoyable part of online play - but the blanket punishments I have to agree with. Keeping on top of cheaters and exploiters in this game is impossible as it is, nobody has the time to sit down and interview every person in the clan.

It’s a deterrent, if you’ve been warned or temporarily banned, or someone in your clan has been, you need to stop playing with them. It is crazy though that chinese exploiters and all the rest with undermesh bases and whatnot only get temporary bans - I think willfully cheating to such an extent should just have an immediate clan-wide ban honestly. No reason to play whackamole with cheaters, just kick them and wait for them to buy a new copy and kick them again.