Funcom flaw - blanket punishment

but for you to say this, just proves how bonkers the funcom banning procedure is

How does what I said prove anything about Funcom’s procedure for banning players? It’s my opinion and I don’t work for Funcom.

Yeah. 110%

What do you even mean? You say funcom won’t ban a clan for one player being stupid then you say thats my opinion. Lol i dont think you understand the topic

read the top comment then come bk , thank you

Depends on what they said. Did they say something racist? Did they call someone a “dirt farmer” (another lovely example from Conan Exiles)? In other words, did they verbally harass someone? If so, then yeah, they and you deserve the ban.

It’s funny how everyone who defends the verbal harassment in Conan Exiles always acts as if the very first ban is always permanent. It isn’t. Hell, Funcom doesn’t even permaban undermeshers right from the start, and I’m willing to be they don’t do it for people who spew toxic crap in chat.

Did you team up, by accident, with someone you didn’t know was a racist c*nt? Tough luck, you got banned for a few days and you’ll be back. Get over it and choose your team more carefully.

Or we complain loudly until they face the consequences of their behavior. And then people who think that the word “free” in “free speech” means “free from consequences” get outraged about cancel culture and cry crocodile tears.

Please point out where I assumed that your particular case is about racism? The mentions of racism in this thread stem from the discussion of the rules and the general defense of “trash talk”. And it’s not just racism that we’re discussing. Go read the rules. I even quoted the relevant section of the rules in this thread.

As for your specific case, I stand by my original point: you stayed with the clan that got banned once. That was a risk you assumed. Guess what? Sometimes risks don’t pay off.

No, you don’t. It’s in the rules.

Now, that I can agree with. They should tell everyone involved exactly why they got banned. I understand why they don’t, but I disagree with them.

It’s not lazy. It’s to avoid “rules lawyering” and other similar problems.

I’m not sure about that, honestly. This is what the rules say:

The rules seem pretty clear on that account. As in real life, ignorance of the rules isn’t a valid defense. Would it be better if they wrote a special clause that says that verbal harassment will be treated on individual basis? Maybe. Or maybe using a warning ban for first offense is enough.

At any rate, this whole claptrap about poor innocent people who just happened to be in the same clan with someone who verbally harassed someone else is the same claptrap we see in real life with people crying “cancel culture” because they can’t get away with saying hateful stuff anymore. I’m soooo heartbroken for them.

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I am specifically (using the literal definition of the word) saying that Funcom will not ban an entire clan because one member of that clan is saying racist stuff in chat.

I am not referring to any other hypothetical situation beyond that specific case.

Conan official servers have trash talk constantly in one way or another. I have met a number of friends who I now play with who have used trash talk whilst playing raiding me and taking my stuff, I just call it banter…

When you actually get to know these people they tend to be good people just playing a game and having fun…

Unfortunately, the real world aspects of PC have crept into gaming which imo it don’t belong. It is now being used to weaponize the game with more clans saying “you can’t say that I’m reporting you!!!” or as I saw last night “so and so clan has put out to much of a land claim, I’m reporting them”

I mean what next the grammar police!!!

When you hear of a 10 man clan getting perma-banned with DLC included, I guess that sort of revenue is great for funcom/10cent when they re-buy because they love playing the game; although most of a clan did not break the rules, just an association to a small number of members who did…it stinks!!! This still goes on on many servers with no consequence as they do not get reported, the players are being used to police the servers rather than funcom…didn’t facebook have the same issue and had to change and monitor their own servers.


Yeah, I interpret the “harassment” part to mean harassment via mechanics (like walling in a player’s base).

When the offense is related to the shared structures of the clan, a clan level ban makes sense.

It makes no sense to me (given how over-subscribed Funcom appears to be in this area) that they’d get a report on one player being racist, look up all ten members of that clan and then ban all ten players.

Not all players belong to clans, so clearly they have the ability to ban at the player level.

I agree with all of this.


please point out where i pointed you out that, i specifically aiming this comment at you - you keep stating rules and then copy and pasting them , there can be plenty of rules, doesnt make them right, i myself in this situation on both occasions have done nothing wrong, i have personally been banned because funcom being complete incompetent at dealing with infractions, i am supposed to leave a clan and abandon hours of building and gathering etc, because someone MIGHT say a swear word that someone doesnt like ( they dont care - just get you banned because they wanna offline raid you ) money i have spent (all the dlc’s) all lost , before i press enter need to remind people ( i have done nothing, have not said anything or typed anything) i cannot control what other people say / or how people feel

Is that I was saying, most clans reports that things as a form to fight more poweful clan, they dont undermesh? they dont use haks? lets find something to get them banned and will send a lot of reports so Funcom reacts better (I’m honestly beginning to think that Funcom reacts to the number of reports rather than the severity of the violation).


Well, I guess I just don’t believe you. I find it very hard to believe that your entire clan got banned because someone said something naughty but you have no idea what that something was.

I mean, in your post you mention how you’re IRL friends with the people in your clan. Can’t you just ask them and figure it out?


I hope you never get banned like this, I belive him because I saw in past how Funcom works with their ban politics, I was really surprised.

I won’t ever get banned. I follow the rules and I treat other people with respect.




I did the same and got 2 days ban time ago, its that im saying this XD

Ha, oddly enough, as a farmer in real life, this is hardly an insult.

I guess we will never agree on this. This is purely 100% wrong to punish people who are innocent.

Ive played with people who have said racist things in games, Ive been on the recieving end of racist comments too. Biggest difference I guess is that Im aware this is a video game, and what someone says to me, or about me, means absolutely zero. Nothing. Too bad more people didnt have the same mindset as me, and laugh at people that act like this.

Freedoms dont have consequences. Privileges do. But I do enjoy people that think this.

Missed this, so Im editing it in. Since this is a RL example, how about this. You work in an office full of 100 people. Company policy is no harassing other employees. Your one coworker harasses another coworker.

Ok, now how to proceed with punishment? My vote would be to punish the person who was doing the harassment. Your vote is to fire the entire company. Does my point of view make sense?


So by your logic if someone commits murder then it is the victim’s fault for being present. This is textbook anti social behavior as outlined by any psychology book. You should consider seeking professional help immediately.

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Were discussing trash talking in a video game, under the 'protection" if you will of Funcoms rules.

IRL, murder is illegal, and has zero to do with the discussion on hand.

However, Ill ask you the same question as I posted to Codemage. What happens if your at a party and all of a sudden one person hits someone (and well even use your example) and kills them? Is the whole party guilty of murder?

But that’s not an accurate representation of the situation.

The more accurate representation is that you and your friends form a social club and, as part of that social club, you all wear distinctive jackets that mark you as a member of that club. As part of your social club, you all go to a specific bar every night and drink. One night, during your social event at the bar, one of your members starts screaming racial epithets at other patrons. As a result, the owner of the bar decides to 86 your entire club because it’s bad for business.

In the employment context, it would make no sense and would be grossly unfair. In the social context, it’s also unfair but not unreasonable.