Funcom, Full nudity, monetary profit opportunities

I can go topless but… no one wants to see that not even me I simply ate to much peanut butter and should have known better rofl!

Also forgot to mention, this was both enlightening and constantly make me laugh Free the Nipple on Netflix. Ahh that and many other documentaries have made me wonder and learn many things.

DISCLAIMER: I don’t work for Netflix. Not promoting them specifically as more of the knowledge you may seek out.

Eh, that only goes so far. I mean, all they do is put a rating on it to give people a general idea of what kind of content is in the game. Even if they are a bit inconsistent in exactly what ratings get handed out, it’s not like they are the ones making the choice to prevent people from buying the game. That’s all on the folks who think AO is the same as XXX.

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This is really weird. In Europe Playstation has full nudity out of the box as well, I’m guessing it’s the same for Xbox. I don’t get why in NA PC would have it but not consoles.

The way PCs are soft regulated vs the way Consoles tend to internally regulate is very different in the U.S.

The extremely simplified version is that there was a public morality panic and the gaming console absorbed the brunt of it as an agent for corrupting minors.
The PC, for better or worse, and however inaccurately, is considered more of an adult/work device and thus didn’t get the hammer.
The other factor, and this may be very bizarre to those who weren’t alive for it…
Console games were once significantly more developed than PC games. Graphics, speed, game size, almost everything was better on the Consoles. PCs were not yet the ubermensch of the modern era.

Now that this archaic lore has been shared, this one shall return home to the tar pits to commune with this one’s siblings.


^This, Its The OLD Mind Set the people hang on to about games. ESRB, Last time I looked into it, was still using randoms to look over games.
I would also point out, PEGI and CERO System have extra catorgory that ESRB doesn’t. aka, rating past M for 18+, and then a AO (Adult only) type. Clear line between 18+ game, and a P-Word) game that ESRB Doesn’t have. Its Ether Mature(M) or P-word (AO)
Lol… ■■■■ is censored…

Alot of old “truths” of gaming that need to be killed off.

Heck, Fun fact. if included Phone/App Games, Female Gamers Dwarf Men according to alot studies.

Thou, I think its about 45% if you cut out App/Phone games like Farmville/candycrush etc.


Wow. This right here shows where your mind is. Sexual harassment is rarely about the sexual part, and more about the dominance, ego and/or control part. This is why we cant have nice things. Minds thinking solely of the sexual nature of things when it xomes to the word nude.

I am different sexual harassment to me is more of a enjoyment of the body I don’t inherently believe that it is simply control over someone as most do get a sexual gratification out of it. Not only that ego does play a huge part but to assume that ego/ control is the factor that starts it is sad. As there are. Multitude of reasons why both sides of the gender do it.

But very nice way to dismiss me and try to actively insult me in a roundabout way.

I am capable of having a actual conversation outside the box of anyones special place and always willing to concede to a better arguement.

Also a large number of women find the level of clothing restrictions that men don’t have compared to their genders is sexual harassment and bigoted. But hey I actually don’t assume someone mind set because someone they state.

Always fun twisting someones words.

We can have nice things, when we as a species start acting better and not always being a slave to the flow and baser instincts. But hey my mind only wants the world ‘nude’ based off your statement. When I my self find clothing to be restrictive and for women to feel they have to dress a specific way is also something I find unfair everyone should be comfortable in whatever they want.

I wi be avoiding all your replies unless they actually improve in kindness to a reasonable extent because it seems you had a hostile stance when replying to me.


Pretty sure its mix bag of everything and is defined to large category of things… But most of what I have encounter is mostly men, being “nice” in a manner that they would not do otherwise.
Standing to close, leaning in to look down V-cut shirt… dropping pen/pencil for chance look up shorts/dress.
The Comments not meant for workplace…

I’d say “Dominace” is a word to describe some of it. I guess if your Big Braining it… and want sound smart and use big words. XD
Maybe one encounter of “Dominace” Was one guy, who sold multi-million houses, was 60ish. Hit on all ladies, was insanely forward… I’d put into that catogory of “Dominace” He was hands on…

Other 99% is just men being “men” Not thats…a bad thing. Some are infact trying be friendly… I don’t think people know how act sometimes.
Which… Im pretty sure if people didn’t get raised to treat certain people (race/sex/looks/dress etc etc) alot of issues would go away…

As for On TOPIC…

Supirsed UK PSN didn’t have download for it like XBox side did. They can always put 5$ thing up, and donate money to Save the Cats or Wounded Warriors etc. XD

No, there is a sexual part to it. But that is the avenue, not the end goal. Read up on it. Most harassment, bullying, abuse is mainly about control, dominating, and fulfilling an ego more than the hope of fulfilling a sexual need.
To trivilize sexual harasment as being tied nudity and comfort wothbit is what i am arguing. The focus on nudity lessoning the chance of sexual harassment is absurd, as the OP suggests in one of thier diatribes and wall posts. But this a discussion for another forum.

I was just pointing out the irony of the poster saying nudity should be considered natural, then linking it to a serious psychilogical matter like sexual harassment and how it can make it less possible so they can experience virtual jigglies in a game.

Lore nerd here.

A loincloth is one of the least lore-unfriendly things to focus on. If you’re gonna use lore as your argument, I’m gonna challenge that. Pick another argument.

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F… me so much talk about nothing! Some thralls are freaking hot and I like to take their clothes off. It’s only natural. People who don’t like to see what’s under the hood may keep nudity off. Everyone should have that option and only the prudish think otherwise.

Can we move on, now, ffs?

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I would use, Bug as my argument.

I use lore and other things but I am lazy and will use lore and obviously loincloths are ugly I wish something else was used in its place for sure.

Yes. No more loincloths! Fig leaves for everyone! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

See now that is neat and classy palm tree leaves no less oh yes!

The standard-issue underwear loincloth really is ugly. Perhaps they should be upgraded to He-Man style fur shorts instead, for a more barbaric look. Let the Darfari keep their flappy flaps.

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