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So ive read other posts about how funcom needs to show the hidden base values for thralls and never paid much mind until tonight. I caught vapnir. Placed him. 30 in str with 88%chance to grow, sweet. Threw some gruel on him. decked him out and gave him a sorrow. Off we went to the unamed city. i started killing skeletons at first cause he only had like 2500 hp. By level 10 he got a perk for +3 vit. his hp is still only like 3500 but wth i start on the bosses. Tell me why im pretty sure im out dpsing a thrall. I question it but continue to level him. Now he is 17 with like 64 to str or something. i swear his damage has barely increased.

Other thralls i have, be it archers or fighters, i watch chunks of life come off these bosses. Vapnir has got to be the sorriest excuse for a thrall ive come across yet. Funcom, you got me with this one.

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Isn’t Varpnir an Archer? Granted, probably not a great one since he’s a Nord and they start with 0 Accuracy, but an Archer nonetheless.

Rumor has it that the Archers get -50% Melee damage, but it’s shrouded in mystery so that this doesn’t become a “different game” (what, like a good one? I kid, I love this game but we really need damage numbers), so we may never know the truth.


Uh, I’m also confused. Why are you trying to grow str on an archer? Shouldn’t you be going for acc?

I think a lot of this has been disproven with the suspicion of a base damage value, but the response to my question here suggests that what we see is what we get, which a sensible person would think means that a fighter and an archer with similar stats would melee the same. So I certainly understand why OP would have tried it.

I would need to see numbers on screen to believe that. Not to mention as much as he dodged that question I don’t believe for a hot second that the Factions don’t differ in base damage, much less the Archetypes. Archers for the “higher” Factions, have 2/3 of the Base HP and get 2/3 as much HP per Point of Vitality. This is true from the Nords on up. While I may not be convinced about the -50% Melee/Ranged debuff I’d still bet my eye teeth that they have at least slightly less base damage.


Yeah we need base stats, the highest accuracy thrall i have is a fighter also so…

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On the plus side, you’ve done everything right. Gruel gets a 14% boost in STR growth probability, so even down to his feeding, you got it right. He’s just not a melee guy. Same with my Vais. You could’ve stuck with ACC or even AGI to make him tough, but now he’ll be able to strike a bit harder. If you’d unlocked Drunken Stabby or whatnot, he’d have muscles on his breath and still hit like a wet Grouper. :man_dancing:

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Wait, WUT? Does food affect stat growth for thralls?

Man how did I not come across this So do they benefit from more than one food in their inventory at a time or does it only give you the stat% boost for one food item at a time?

Indeed it does. After a brief search, (there may be another resource out there) here’s a comprehensive list from reddit:


Wow thanks! Amazing that I managed to miss out on this lol.

Keep in mind that you do not need to keep food in their inventory for the growth rate bonus. If you want to boost a human thrall’s strength, then you give him one gruel. Just one is needed. When he levels, give him just one more gruel. The buff “sticks” until the next level gained, unless you change foods. Got to keep those thralls lean and mean!

Also, thrall pots do affect this. So if you’re out near your base with your thrall and you want to boost strength (gruel), but you have a bunch of fish in your thrall pot, he’s going to constantly switch back to boosting accuracy. When I first saw this, I could not for the life of me figure out what was going on and then … doh! Lightbulb came on.

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He is an archer any stat other then archery stat is useless u can tell once they reach lvl 10 if that first bonus is not in line with the thralls class get rid of it its useless trying to have a archer grow in strength is possible but pointless. Oh and catch him again stats will be different catch him until it’s the stats you want but the lvl 10 bonus stat tells u if they worth the grind.

Yeah if i remember lvl 10 perk was vit

Another good resource is the Google Sheet that @LostInTim posted over in Players Helping Players. Post needs some more likes for how helpful it is! :slight_smile:


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