Funcom , have u ever wondered about this? this is spot on

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lol… imagine buying a new game , and getting the 1st release from the team that cannot fix their own game 4 years now


lets see how long @Dana will let this topic be active
@Dana maybe invite @den into the forum and read, or… just invite him into this thread

maybe he have the power to start a rollback!!!

Ooohh and it should be about time to give an update here right?

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They haven’t locked any threads, they have been merging similar threads into one. If you don’t want that, then you’re saying you don’t want them to read any feedback.


the important thing is to react , before more dmg will be done in playerbase… not to read or merge threads

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im all in for merging if used correct, hell i even did admin work on a really active forum for a lot of years, but to be honest, call it what you like, in a week… they close the big thread… and in a month they have marked it hidden… what they do is called damage control, and in time… we have all forgotten about it, just like the issues with transfer, they also promides to fix as fast as possible, have you seen any new updates on that?

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It’s too late into the patch for a rollback. I’ve already played 12h. Give it a rest.

The important thing is for everyone to do their jobs. The people you guys are tagging have their jobs and they’re trying to do them.

Dennis has a job of leading the devs, so they can – among other things – fix the bugs you’re complaining about.

Dana, Mayra, and other community managers have a job of making sure all the discussion is easily accessible for anyone who needs to look up info – including devs and other players – and of communicating back from the dev team when they have something to communicate. Their job is literally to “read and merge threads”, as you put it.

I understand the frustration and the outrage, and I also think that not catching this during testing is pretty much unacceptable, but you’re wrong if you think spamming random new topics and tagging Funcom staff is going to help in any way whatso-freaking-ever.


for sure then someone is not doing his job… major reason most bugs r still in existence , and also major reason that no official reaction has happened yet apart from a generic “sry but we search what is wrong” thread…

how in the name of earth a company will convince u to buy more products with such behaviour?
aren’t u annoyed @CodeMage that a company that released such a potential gem as CE is ■■■■■■■■ it everytime a bit harder?

cause i have started being sick of all those bs that r going on in each release… i wont refer to them in detail , u r an old and reasonable player so u can reckon most i believe…


so… what is your solution… wait and hope??? like all the other times they havent fixed anything, but ignored us?


It was tested and reported they chose not to act on it ….


i am not spamming random topics, on the contrary as i was reading this person’s post (OP the one i have the reference to) the specific question he asked baffled me.
and to be absolutely honest , i would love to have an answer on that by a DEV that DOES his job AND cares about his company sales… OFFICIALLY…

this is what saddens me… there will be no answer , they will just ignore it… and i hope i am wrong…

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Honestly? Not anymore. It’s been years and they never really improved that aspect. Every single major update comes with major bugs :frowning:

There is no “solution”, dude. They’re working on fixing the bug and they’ll fix it when they fix it. I’ve literally worked in that industry and I know how it goes.

Spamming random new threads ain’t going to make them do it faster. And it’s not going to convince them to do a rollback, either.

Why am I not surprised? :roll_eyes:

I mean, you literally opened a new topic because the old one was merged – not even closed, but merged into another one – and then proceeded to complain that the people whose job it is to merge topics are merging topics :smiley:

No offense, the situation sucks. And hell, I’m not going to convince you or @Elmoeff or anyone else that this isn’t helping at all. But I thought I should mention it anyway, 'cause maybe I’m wrong about whether you guys will change your minds :wink:

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well… yeah… lets roll over and wait for next unreasonable asskick… seems like thats the proposed solution…
i did tag the community people, i did tag Den… someone have to, seems like you wont…

not my words , u may mistook me for another person. but even if so, his comment was also spot on. they dop dmg control , not relaying correctly…

i take no offence. we r all on the same side here , changing opninions. let me make it more clear to you. i do not care about the bug , i am not fan of the nemedian dlc , so personally i was not affected… but i can feel what happened …
it is sad to say that u do not care cause u used to get major bugs in each update… this is a declaration of incompetence for the company u refer to.
as for the fact that u have worked in the industry and our complains won’t make it better or faster , i may assure u that maybe u r right and our complains won’t get things right , BUT this does not means we should stay silent… at least i aint gonna just stand and say all is ok cause a bunch of incompetent guys cannot freaking program an update without MAJOR bugs… if they cannot maybe they should go do another job… and let the ones that CAN to do it…

They already answer. They wished you happy hunting.

their actions will change my personall opinion. nothing else. neither the fact that industry works one way , nor that we should not care cause each major update is acompannied by major bugs

i guess on increasing the treasure i have gathered in my NEMEDIAN castle the last 6 months so i can showcase in my new treasury room! XD

Each game has this. It’s important to smile, have fun and stay healthy. At the end of the day, it’s a video game.
Here’s a doggo :smiley:


yeah… hunt stuff… that we can despawn in due time… muhahhaha

i agree, but i expect people to do their jobs when they get paid for it… if it was a f2p (carefull here “p” stands for play , not PAY) i would not mind , and i would be thankfull about anything that goes with it… but promises that stay unfullfilled (like PROPER gameplay) … sry not my cup of tea… will prefer to spill it everysingle time