Funcom help me with this

I’m trying to break a named thrall since 4 days straight now because since your bad patch you keep restarting the official servers on a daily basis.

It resets the thrall timer and stops it so you have to press the “play” button again to even start it. So either stop restarting or fix your thing

Why daily restarts all of a sudden i dont understand!!

any updates??

put a rank 3 or 4 taskmaster on the wheel it will finish in less than a day.

The server reset should include code that resumes batches in progress. It is algorithmically simple and any decent dev can immediately imagine how so I wont waste words explaining it. Workarounds such as Taskmaster Thralls are great ideas in the absence of a functional system, Yet “server resets should not disrupt overnight batches” still needs to go on the long long list of things that should exist.

change servers or make a new thrall wheel and check if its just that thrall wheel that is glitched out I usually problem solve before I hit the forums with a concern

gangpuka is a player, not a professional tester. He is not trained to, paid to, nor should he be expected to preform funcoms testing for them. but since you asked, the same thing happens to my clan on my server. gangpuka is, however, reporting bugs/etc. Funcoms professional testers (assuming they have any) can easily test this themselves when they get to it.

If that is the case there is a forums for reporting bugs and such it should be posted there I gave legit advice on to see if the problem could be remedied I am no professional tester but I can give some common sense advice

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