Funcom ID is IRL last name - needs change

I’m set to stream on a popular RP server, but my funcom id is set to my IRL last name. I made it when I bought the game years ago and wasn’t streaming at the time. Even if I don’t stream, there are other people streaming on the server with audiences of 1000+ viewers at times.

Is there still no way to change this? I’d love to play the game but I’d prefer my irl last name isn’t broadcast to thousands of people. I have already submitted a zen desk ticket with a few attempts to reach out.

Thanks for anyone’s time. I’m sure this is an annoying issue to constantly deal with.

I have a friend that had the same issue and their Funcom ID was changed.

Unfortunately it is a waiting game with reports to Zendesk, however, my friend was successful after contacting them to follow up. Reply to the email you received for the ticket to remind them.

Thank you for your response :heart:

I have replied to it twice now, but I still haven’t heard anything back :cry:

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How long has it been since the initial ticket?

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