Funcom: Interviews, showcases and next gen console support - May 2020 (Updated December 17, 2020)

What is going to be even more fun is seeing all the posts every time Exiles has a gub/glitch/etc thatt the hard core haters will point to “Funcom diverting it s attention to the new game is what caused this!!!”. Even though, logically, they are only the publisher and it will not effect their actual Exiles Dev team. :slight_smile:

Right now starts the PC Gaming Show 2020. Stay tuned for the Metal: Hellsinger segment.

Edit: You should be able to see the correct showcase time in the main post now.

Edit 2: David is giving an exclusive peak at pre-Alpha gameplay. This is footage from the first boss fight, which you can also find footage of in the VG24/7 gameplay video above.


Coming up: Guerrilla Collective Day 2.

Watch it on Twitch.

Guerrilla Collective Day 2 showcase

Title screen (ignore white edges)

Loading screen

David Goldfarb and Troy Baker give pre-alpha gameplay insights about the rythm aspect.

The latest patch this weekend fixed Testlive for me. I can access my Single-Player Testlive now using the regular route, ie. the separate Steam product, with no hocus-pocus.

Update, June 15: Conan Exiles adds several hidden achievements on Steam.

Update, June 18: Continued support for NVIDIA GeForce Now’s Cloud Gaming feature.

All Funcom games with NVIDIA GeForce Now will support this (among others):

  • Conan Exiles
  • Conan Unconquered
  • Conan Chop Chop
  • Moons of Madness
  • Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden
  • Hide and Shriek

Update June 25, 2020

Conan Exiles is releasing on Epic Games Store and also on sale on Steam until July 9. More information here:

Update June 27, 2020
Conan Chop Chop release moved to H2 2020.

Update July 2, 2020
Jan Modrák, editor-in-chief of Re-Play, is looking forward to the upcoming game by Games Farm, which will be published by Funcom:

Veteran [Peter Nagy, CEO and Creative Director at Games Farm] showed me a game that Games Farm (large studio ~40 developers) is developing for Funcom, with a very attractive license. Not announced yet, it will probably be released next year. I’m looking forward to it!

Furthermore, here’s some (personal) Dune-related art from the artists at Funcom / ZPX:

Note: Please use this thread for replies. Only people who know the above artists should reply to their works directly.

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Great tool for making huge open world maps optimized for Unreal Engine 4/5, a new 200km2 map for Conan Exiles would be awesome.

Comparison ARK:
Island is 40 km
Center is 70 km
Ragnorok is 144 km
Valguero is 81 km
Abarration 40 km

They’ve already used it and will be using it in the future, it’s likely they’re using it for the expansion. They may also be using it for Dune (several times larger than Exiles).

We have been using World Creator to prototype levels for the last six months and are extremely impressed. For our new midnight Grove Dungeon, the majority of the terrain was generated in World Creator, allowing us to spend more time on the gameplay areas. World Creator will be a major part of new environment work moving forwards.

– Richard Cawte, Tech Art Director at Funcom (ref: site linked by AngelBRz)

If they’d make an expansion larger than the base map you’d get all kinds of complaints I imagine, even if it’s just cosmetic. At least, if it’s paid.

Thanks for the plug :smiley:

World Creator on instagram
World Creator tutorial series

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There will be complaints no matter what they do:

  • Complaints that its just cosmetic;
  • Complaints that its not cosmetic enough;
  • Complaints that its paid;
  • Complaints that it costs too much;
  • Complaints that there isn’t more for what they paid;
  • Complaints that its too cheap;
  • Complaints that there are too many complaints;
  • Complaints that the community isn’t saying more;
  • Complaints that the complaints lack substance;
  • Complaints that the complaints don’t understand the game well enough;
  • Complaints that the complaints don’t realize its just a game;
  • Complaints that the complaints complain too much;
    and on, and on, and on, and on . . .

No matter what they do, there will always be some people who don’t like it. So while feedback from the community is ‘informative,’ they can’t be driven by it either (or they wouldn’t get anything done).


Update August 3, 2020
Daniel Rätzer, Senior Engine Programmer at Funcom talks about game logic bottlenecks during Unreal Fest Online 2020.

You can find the video in the top post.

Update August 10, 2020:
The half-yearly report (August 20, 2020) has also been cancelled since my last thread update.

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That would make sense; if I understand it correctly, they no longer have any obligation to do them so it makes commercial sense to remove that as an avenue for speculation. Announcements become purely marketing related to the output of the company.

No shareholders to keep in the loop that aren’t already in the loop, as it were.


Out of curiosity why is this in this forum? Last time i checked this is for conan exiles not somethibg else. Should this be considered spam? Or it’s conan exilea related?

It’s Conan Exiles related enough, I think. Even though it is talking about something that C.E. didn’t reveal, the discussion was still centered around C.E. Not only that, but this thread is Funcom-centric, which might include the occasional snippet of something that looks off-topic like that. Just my opinion.

I’ve updated the thread with a talk about game logic in Unreal Engine, which I missed out on on July 14, 2020 (Update August 3, 2020; upload date).

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As we approach 2021, my coverage on Funcom news will likely quiet down a bit and head into a new thread when the time comes. Here’s some leftover plugs for now.

Update August 26, 2020
Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is getting its own CG animated movie.

Update September 24, 2020

The Park is now available on Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Update September 28, 2020
For those who understand Norwegian; Erling Ellingsen, CMO at Funcom did an interview on Conan Exiles, Dune and Funcom in general.

Update September 29, 2020
whispers: “It’s a secret” :shushing_face:

Update October 1, 2020
Conan is getting a TV series on Netflix:

Update October 1, 2020: I’ve edited the top post with a note on the canceled quartely reports and archived Investor site.

Plug: Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden CG animated movie

Plug: Conan the Barbarian TV series on Netflix