Funcom: Interviews, showcases and next gen console support - May 2020 (Updated October 10, 2020)

UE5 looks breath taking. Can’t wait to get my hands on it, assuming they won’t change the marketing model.
I’m also wondering if Funcom is considering UE5 for future projects.

Maybe the new map DLC at the end of the year??? Wishful I know.

UE5 will release somewhere around mid-2021, and that only if there are no delays. So, I don’t think so.
But, considering how succesfull Conan Exiles is, maybe, there will be a Conan Exiles 2 with this engine starts dreaming with opened eyes.


Also wouldn’t happen because I’m pretty sure you can’t make a DLC for a game that runs on one engine run on another one. At that point you’re just making an entire new game.

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Edit: Please note that current schedules may be out of date due to delays associated with the Black Lives Matter response. Check the updates below; for Funcom events, the main post in this thread contains an updated schedule.


Conan Chop Chop’s trophies were leaked on PlayStation. They’re now available on the wiki:

A twitter user says there are at least 3 or 4 teased location names for Conan Exiles’ map expansion DLC out there. We have 2 so far.

Please make a screenshot if you find them!

You can send them in this thread since the other was automaticly closed after 7 days.


Conan Exiles now supports Remote Play on Tablet!

Conan Exiles can now be played on tablets using Steam Remote Play. This is also possible using NVIDIA GeForce Now.

See also this wiki page for other features.


Funcom has teamed up with numerous developers on Guerrilla Collective Live, a games festival taking place June 6 - 8 on Twitch and Steam.

The Outsiders announced in April that they would halt development of their previous project, Darkborn (formerly Project Wight and Archenemy), and are working on a new, different game. This is the unannounced, external game which is being published by Funcom. They hope to share more details “very very soon”.

Update (May 26, 2020): Funcom is teasing a game reveal on Twitter. :eyes: The IGN Expo schedule, linked in the tweet, confirms this.

Update May 27, 2020

This thread is now updated with a game reveal date and IGN Expo schedule!

More may follow with the Guerilla Collective event. Stay tuned.

Update May 28, 2020
No important information. Added

  • a plug to an interview
  • a note about cancelation of two of the quarterly reports.

lol guys, sorry, it’s our game he’s referring to ))

And your game is?

patience ))

Update May 29, 2020
Added David Goldfarb’s twitter thread.

Today is Nicole’s interview, check the first post^

PC Gaming Show 2020
Funcom will also be on the PC Gaming Show 2020 this year, where they previously showcased Conan Unconquered and Conan Chop Chop. Like last year, they are also one of the event’s sponsors.

Update June 2, 2020

IGN’s Summer of Gaming main events have been delayed to June 8.
An updated schedule for all events can be found in the main post of this thread ^

Imo they should put out a new schedule later today or this week.

Update June 4, 2020

The PC Gaming Show, which was planned for June 6th, has been delayed to June 13th.
An updated schedule for all events can be found in the main post of this thread ^

Update June 5, 2020

The Guerilla Collective, which was planned for June 6 - 8, has been delayed to June 13 - 15.
An updated schedule for all events can be found in the main post of this thread ^

Other news
The Outsiders are donating 100 usd per employee to a Black Lives Matter charity site;

Update June 6, 2020

Funcom has clarified the new showcase dates on Twitter.
An updated schedule for all events can be found in the main post of this thread ^

If you do not want to know how they filmed the Mandalorian, you will not want to watch this. It is related to this post.

If you have Disney+, you will be very interested in watching the Technology episode in the Disney Gallery.

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Knowing the ability of RTG, the demos only show single or trivial reflections of light. I highly doubt RTG will be limited to a range of functionality, in time, due to locked in light calculations. Once the hardware does multiple reflections per ray, then it will look much more interesting than cheap-o-triangle-mesh and occlusion rendering.

Realistically speaking Funcom has a long way to go to be classified as a good game designer. They can’t even make updates without breaking the game. The new consoles have much more technology than Funcom has ideas of how to incorporate fixes. They are at PS3 technology atm imo.

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They’re good designers. They just lack the resources to properly fulfil those designs.


@n2wichita75 tldr; what Kapoteeni said.

I haven’t given my opinion on Funcom’s ability to develop games in this thread, or whether such a degree of developing skill is required to be able/allowed to use newer consoles. New technology presents new possibilities, regardless of whether developers take advantage of them. Even if they don’t, in the current market adapting to newer consoles is necessary. Newer consoles have features relevant for consumers and often more secure. Backwards compatibility is easier to create than forward compatibility.
Funcom has been around for a while. Being able to develop well on older platforms does not guarantee they’re able to develop well on newer platforms.

Fixes breaking the game applies to most large sandbox survival games. Assets are a lot more connected and as such can have very specific issues which are hard to fix if you don’t know where to look. Fixing them may rely on people with different setups and playstyles testing them, which developers can only do very limited in-office. TestLive is also only being played by a handful of players.
Conan Exiles was made when Funcom was in debt and its base code has some issues, so they have to find workarounds when implementing certain features. The engine version it’s built on is also not optimized for very large map sizes, which in certain areas can lead to odd behaviour (e.g. by the eastern border of the map, creatures might occasionally glitch through the mesh).

Update June 8, 2020

PC Gaming Show 2020 list of developers

Update June 10, 2020

IGN Expo Debut was/is now stated as 1:30pm PT, not 1:45pm PT. Corrected. Guerilla Collective times are now known (same for all days).
An updated schedule for all events can be found in the main post in this thread ^

David Goldfarb has teased the reveal with what appears to be rock/metal music composed by Two Feathers Studios and sung by Dark Tranquility vocalist Mikael Stanne which may be used on “several boss places”?

Burn bright

Embers prevail - Pull all the pillars down
In reign - You set every world aflame
Descend - Pull all the pillars down
Awaken the memories of this discarded mind
Unknown chaos come at last

Eclipse the damning sky
Pull all the pillars down

No artifacts can heal her
For no blessing can unchain


A distant reality to you

PS: I do not own copyright for these lyrics, all credits go to The Outriders / Funcom and this is being used (under fair use) for education purposes only.