Funcom is owned by Tencent who’s owned by Naspers?

So Funcom is owned by Chinese company Tencent but Tencent is mainly owned by Naspers. So Conan exile is a South African game?

That’s not how businesses work, but sure.

Or you could just call it a Norwegian game because it was made in Norway


Yeah, that’s not quite how it works. It’s really very simple.

Naspers owns about 30% of Tencent through a subsidiary Dutch conglomerate they own 56% in called Prosus, which makes Tencent an affiliate company of Prosus, not a subsidiary. The difference being less than 50% gives them enough ownership to influence but not really control the affiliate.

So basically, the South Africans bought controlling stake in the Dutch who bought influential stake in the Chinese who completely bought out the Norwegians.

And to think, people actually believe business is complicated or that it sounds like far fetched international conspiracy theories. :smirk:


And the British and the Dutch basically own South Africa, so where does it really put the stuff?


This :point_up_2:
But I will add here that Funcom, yes, is the owner of this game but the creators, workers and supporters of this game are from all around the global!
Gaming has no region, we all unite forces to be one, against race and racism!
So Conan exiles has a region called Global! And I am happy and proud participating in it.


As mentioned above, Nasper doesn’t have a controlling interest. Not even thru a subsidiary or shell company.

Tencent owns Funcom outright.
However, they have chosen not to disintegrate Funcom and take all it’s assets directly.
The game itself is still primarily based out of Norway (as evidence by the Fellesferie) as Funcom is an international business based out of Norway.
If Tencent deleted Funcom and moved the Conan Exiles property to a different subsidiary, or just moved the Conan IP from Funcom, that would change. Tencent doesn’t usually develop their own games, instead being the publisher.
They are not in the business of making video games. They are in the business of organizing, funding, and arranging businesses who make video games.
Technically they could just give Conan Exiles to one of their other subsidiaries, like Riot, but that seems unlikely.

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