FUNCOM latest restart or what ever u did on official servers Deleted all my crates full items

Funcom funcom Hi, I am server 1507 I still have 167 hrs some min left before decay. I go in server to find out all my Crates & bank full items wipe out gone My Vault as well. I am talking thousands of items took lot months & hrs to get. all food, steel, few thousand fancy bricks, treated wood, all my legendary weapons I collected from killing major bosses Star metal bricks 1,500 of them, star metal Ore 800 of them. Gear all fancy ones. Outer giant fence i build to keep my thralls inside. latest Build i did close by my Building New ok not old New 3 days new. I have been wipe. What Gives. here images of my devastation.

This one the rooms used to have T4 thralls with Stations to make brick & such. Upper screenshots are based how much perimeter area was wipe as fencing with T4 khitan style all around area. If would go full detail of what i had would take me days. oh btw my map is gone. whats your problem.? I am sure not alone in this.

That sounds terrible… :sweat:
Are you on PvE server? What does log say?

You still have the animals :slight_smile:

could you post the event log as well? the fact that when u logged in your base showed 168 hours doesnt mean that it was not in decay state before that login. We get stability issues but this looks like an abandoned base which decayed. The damage is too massive.

Hey there,

Could you check your event log and see if there is anything mentioned in there?

Yea, I can share log.(((( I not caring for any ones input this matter only funcom can fix it.))))) ((((tyvm.))) Now this like third time changes take place i been wipe out my good stuff. 3 times the charm. the area I build on seems was bug since only thing i can use to explain it. NO ONLY THRALLS survived were crappy one can be replaced easily. All T4 Thralls that belong in crafting stations were wipe with stations themselves. Named one all. I had T4 thralls in boxes as back up as well. I never posted any complaints about other times i lost high grade resources since Heck 1-2 times just happens but me being one has go thru it 3 times this times wipes all of it is just weird. I get u logs soon. I have to move based since was losing more just redundant stuff anyways.

Never mind Ignasis I decided what ever take lose. I am relocating my Home North wont touch desert again since had bad Pluck. I just files this under bad game time. what’s lost is lost now. Log are big dont want bother with it. Locked it if u want. I should had a V8.

Curious, but did you have any decoration items (candles, bowls, ect) on top of your chests and workstations?
There was this bug where stacking placeables on top of placeables would insta-start the 24 hour decay timer. Putting a tankard on your wheel of pain decayed it. Putting a candle on a shelf decayed it. Ect…
Not sure if they ever fixed that bug.

PS - I don’t see any images.

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