Funcom Launcher is attempting to get access to wthe webcam?

Greetings everyone,

Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention. It was not intended and we will investigate it.

Please let us know if you find any other issue with the Launcher and we’ll look into it.


As for those caught the app trying to access the web cam and who blocked it.
In what region do you happen to live?


The way Kaspersky webcam protection works, applications only appear on that tab if they have attempted to access the webcam. Then you can manually block them when they have attempted access.

Glad this thread came up though, because until today I didn’t realise that Kaspersky doesn’t appear to treat the cameras on my VR headset as webcams. Will probably have to raise that as a bug report or feature request with Kaspersky…

Good thought, it could be specific to the region.

Looking at how the launcher works, It could also mean that the initiating request came from outside of the launcher, but from a supporting “product” in the OS that the launcher uses. Kaspersky may flag the program that launches the process rather than the process that “requests” webcam access.

I am living in Germany

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I originally took your advice and ignored the Funcom Laucher webcam.

Now I’m on Pornhub.

Thanks a lot. :grimacing:


Nice, send us the link please.


I was eating shrimp cocktail when I launched Conan. Now I’m on Prawn Hub.


Share the link, don’t be so shellfish.


If you insist. But fair warning, I don’t really think any of you are ready for something this hardcore yet.

Here’s what the Funcom webcam will do to you: www.Pornhub/Caffeine

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A good old fashioned Rickroll would’ve been a good thing to do there.


Missed opportunity, right? :smiley:

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Mine never tries to activate. Possibly a local-user setting?

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