Funcom mentions first "DLC pack" to be released in June

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I have a feeling we will get this

as part of DLC :roll_eyes:

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I agree, since so much more than just your characters appeareance is bound to your character. I mean, all we build is bound, as well as appearance.

I think it’s magic feature but preview with actual available weapon…I think theses will not available with archery but with sorcery…


Be nice if the crashing could get fixed before any dlc was announced. It’s not just going to magically fix itself overnight. My entire clans already gone to play a different game and no amount of dlc will bring them back if the crashing still happens.
I’m also on the fence on this. It’s unbearable and rip-your-hair-out frustrating.


My wallet is ready. Well done with launch funcom, I cant wait to see where Conan goes from here!


I concur with this. Over the past couple of days I’ve had more fatal errors than I’ve had in the entire time I’ve played the game. Add to that the fact that I lost a lot of stations/chests/materials thanks to their lovely triangular foundation upgrade bug, and no matter how fun the game is, the bugs make it too frustrating to enjoy.


I hope they don’t sell a dlc with stuff that should have been in the game to start with ,it’s obvious there is unfinished work in the journey and quests ,there is a lot more to flesh out in terms of settlement building and thrall behaviour,so I hope the dlc will be something sensible ,please don’t add fat bodies and different bodies just for people who buy the dlcs


Looking forward to it.

And T1 GRAY stone for northern building! I would cheerfully pay for both those things.


I’d be surprised if they did that really. They have said the reason we are stuck with the ONE body for each ■■■ is because they didn’t have the resources to make the armor behave as it would have to in order to fit varied body types. Of course this leaves me scratching my head over how plate mail can magically stretch (and bounce!) over breasts the size of planets but couldn’t possibly stretch over a fuller thigh or down a longer torso or arm. I remain bitterly disappointed over this shortcut they decided to take. But because they seem to have painted themselves into a corner with it I doubt it’s going to change any time soon because of how much work they’d actually have to do on the armors as well.


Can anyone tell me how DLC actually works in a sandbox game like this? I only play on private servers. If I purchase DLC does the server owner also have to own it and have it implemented for me to be able to use it on that server? How do players who DON’T have the DLC “see” the things that are part of it? I know there’s a simple answer there somewhere…I just don’t know what it is! LOL

If you’re a Barbarian Edition owner, you get all of the items downloaded automatically via Steam. That purchase applies itself directly to your account.

If you’re an EA player, you already have in your crafting menu 2 versions of The Royal Armor, and listed in your DLC at Steam as such.

If you receive a code for Conan’s Atlantean Sword, you enter that code in Steam and it is similarly applied to your account. Two versions of the sword appear then in your character’s crafting menu.

These hand-craftable items are on your character, no matter where you play.

fix game first, than release dlc!


Thank you. So I’m guessing things that go ON your character are probably not an issue. But what about things like new building materials? Which I dearly hope for.

I don’t know why they wouldn’t show up just like, say the Cartographer does. He’s an in-game unlock that’s only persistent on that server/savegame, but it appears in the main Feat Window as a craftable. I suspect it will be identical for the DLC with building.

Oh and I have dreams and aspirations for the most wonderful building components. When I was scouting the jungle I thought “a reclaimed board treehouse would look perfect here.” So you crank on a dead ship hull for a while to get planks and presto… Anyway, I’m totally there with ya!

I really hope they don’t go ubisoft/ elec arts route with dlc. Cosmetic stuff should be free.
I more than happy to pay for true additional content.
If they want us to pay for a beard or bikinis, forget it.
If they’re going to give us story or map, I’m in.

Would you pay for an immediately unlockable end-game sword with Kingslayer stats? Because I think if you had that, you’d instantly make friends on any server you chose to inhabit.

I feel the exact opposite way.

The kingslayer is easy to get, as are the dragonbone weapons. They both do 50 damage and the dragonbone weapons are so ridiculously easy to get mats to make.