Funcom needs a new team

I’m done. I have 30 minutes to get to my loot when i die. On a near dead pvp server with minimal builds i get stuck with 5 minute load screens (Everyone on the server does too) so every death is minimal 5 minute loss. Then teleport another 5 minutes. Lag spikes everywhere for no reason besides funcom inable to run servers. I just tried 3 times to get to my loot. 1st i lqg spike while climbing just to lose all stamina fall and die, then i go to climb a different area just die because I’m getting hit by invincible enemies. Then lastly i try the 2nd spot again just to get halfway up the wall then take damage (no archers in area) jyst to fall and die. Results: lost all my stuff because funcom can’t run official servers, a broken tv, broken ps5 controller, and alcoholism because gaming (a relaxing hobby) is more stressful than anything for work.


You knew the risks, yet you kept playing :slight_smile:

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It is a survival game, you have to survive the updates, bugs, and funcom.

But we love them to bring us this game :slight_smile:


Servers are run by G-Portal. I get your frustration but at least direct the blame the right way. By all means send them in a ticket over this

I really hope you’re just adding this for dramatic emphasis and didn’t actually. If you are serious, I think you may need some help nobody here is qualified to give.


Last May when I joined a PvP Official, my clanmate and I started on 1880, which had 12 active players. He was fine, my PCs were unable to play very well at all. We switched to 1876 and it was OK for both of us.

If you’re interested in troubleshooting

  • Is this behavior new?
  • Are you able/willing to join a “sister” server on the same IP address, just for testing purposes?
  • Your PS5 controller is possibly still useful if attached to your PC. :stuck_out_tongue:
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LOL! Sorry to hear that man. Look on the bright side, you can rebuild all your stuff anyways. Nothing in the game is lost forever.

A broken TV and controller and overindulgence is the fault of the individual, not a game company. You’re going to want to look at therapy if what you said is true. Normally functioning people don’t damage their own property and livers over pixels and variables in a video game.


Does suck when you have to retrieve body, but bed rolls greatky reduce the travel. Many a times i hate myself for not laying one down evry 2 grids away from base i get. Makes it way easier.

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This one is sorry for your negative experience.
But this one also worries about why one would take a game so seriously. If it is that much anti-fun, why play?

While there is hope that OP is being hyperbolic…
There is always the possibility that tantrums of this magnitude and expense are actually happening. While the game is frustrating, responses with bills in the thousands of dollars and who knows how many hours of counseling for substance abuse are troubling, but may indicate one needed counseling before the annoying but ultimately inconsequential adverse stimulus.

Perhaps herbal remediation would be more helpful than fermented self medication in such volatile occurrences?


Its too bad the “decay timer” starts upon death rather than something like first movement. That way, your ‘30 minutes to get your body’ won’t start until you have loaded in and started moving a step or two. It would avoid punishing players with slow load times.


Bed rolls are super OP for tasks like this.


Those loading times are to high, im running an old i7 3770k with 16gb ddr3 and a gtx 1060 with a regular internet conection of 200mbps and got less than tow minute to load, and about 3-4 minutes to render. If you move while rendering it will increase this time, but i know its my system limitation, it improved a lot after i installed the game on a ssd. i recomend you monitor the ping using the debug hud, more than 120 lags will occur. Are the server you are playing next to your region? There are a lot of factors that needs to be take in account before blaming the servers, they are not really this good but at the lvl you are describing something is much wrong with this particular server, or could be a local problem, or a mix of both. Try to play on another server to check its performance. I you could confirm that your server is really out of the average, open a zendesk ticket, it takes time but they will do something, the server i used to play had hard times in the past and with our help and zendesk we could communicate and solve the problem. Funcom are a client of g-portal, if their services are no satifatory we need to comunicate funcom, so they can ask g-portal for solutions.


Even that seems really long. My game is installed on the last quarter platter-space of a 5400RPM 8TB HDD - so very slow!

According to my stopwatch:

  • The “Funcom Launcher” loads in 3 seconds
  • 32 seconds to connect to “Funcom Live Services”
  • 27 more seconds to connect to the official server (quarter of a planet away Japan → Alabama, USA) and render the scene - ready to go.

My point was that even with a low and outdated profile the times to load things are not too long like the 30 min described here. And before dismiss the entire funcom team, someone should check his end of the rope. : )


HDD or SSD? My load times more than doubled when switching from HDD to SSD. Card isn’t a factor if an old drive is bottlenecking your load

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Doubled load time with SSD? Your SSD is slower than a HDD?
I had a WD Velociraptor HDD, one of the fastest, and when I upgraded to a lower(ish) end SATA SSD, load times even with mods went down from 1.5 minute to 10-15 seconds.

If you can, you should open a thread on the PC section to help you get better performance. I don’t want to detract from the thread with too many tech support queries, but I run an identical (yet 8700 processor class) system. What resolution are you running?

I’ve had clanmates who refuse to use them. That’s when and how you know server has reached Nanny status. (It is in caretaker mode.)

Meant speed, sorry. Time was cut in half not doubled

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running in 1920x1080 windowed with 30-60 fps, and some fps drop on over builded areas.

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Nerf bedrolls!!! Do it now FC!!! This game is broken and we need balance!!!