Funcom needs more moderation in implementing changes

The heavy handed nerds would be perfectly fine if they would go back and slowly bring the power back up until it vacate a problem then dial back down the the last setting where it was balanced. I fully admit as a lifeblood spear user even while I had it I knew it was too strong. Going from 1hp to 600 in less than 1 second is way over the top but the new version basically doesn’t even heal at all. World breaker and annihilator never even needed nerfing as they were only ever effective against high armor targets like the arena champion and other players who made the choice to wear heavy armor. This made these weapons a counter strategy making the game more balanced as a result of them existing but the people who use heavy armor tend to complain that they are not invincible and thus everything else is wrong. Not always of course but I am yet to see anyone in heavy armor fight well, it’s only ever button mashing and raging when they aren’t invincible. Act of violence was my favorite weapon because it was perfectly average in every way… until it wasn’t.

By over nerfing the weapons they not only invalidate the time we spend farming them but also the hard work they put into making them.

If the would follow these nuclear nerfs with slow buffs they could balance the weapons out to be where they want them. Then they would see use but not overshadow any other weapons.

By simply nerfing you just replace one broken meta option with another but if you used this nerf trick of theirs to solve major problems in a hurry and then slowly brought the weapon back without letting it hit the state of being an issue again while also bringing other weapons up little by little then eventually all weapons would be equally effective in different ways and each would be worth farming up.

So here is the million dollar question.

Why doesn’t funcom ever buff anything?


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