Funcom not adressing anything, legal issues, perhaps make a united refund claim

Yes, but you don’t necessarily get every bug there as some features like decay, avatars or purges might be disabled.
I’m not saying there aren’t bugs/issues, but a lot of those don’t show up since private servers often use different settings. The same applies to PvP vs PvE… you won’t get any bugs related to PvP, e.g. bugged avatars, if you play on PvE. In addition some bugs may be affected by player count.

You want to make Funcom responsible and get a refund for what have not been delivered? Great! What are the game breaking bugs and flaws you are refering to? On what hardware do you play anyway? If you seriously want to take legal steps against a company and want more to join this, you should provide some solid foundation for your claims. Everything else is just an playschool. :roll_eyes:

Yes there are bugs, but nothing game breaking on our own server. It reboots every morning. Some people play almost all day for weeks. I am on vacation right now, sitting on a beach in Spain. I am managing the server from my phone. G-portal config is rather easy.

In my opinion there seems to be a huge difference between official servers without support, and private run servers with active admins. I regularly clean up the map, modify spawns and loot tables, handed out lost items after the last big patch, etc. Servers with active admins, support, mods, and a creative community are running great, many official servers do not.

Since the official launch in May I cannot think of much else but Conan Exiles. I have already created a huge mind map with everything I want to do when back home. I really like this game.

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This is no excuse ‘oh well we have to take a holaday cuzs laws’.
when you cant work you outsource,you dont build a game release it has a fairly playable game then systematically destroy it, bring out DLC then disappear for a month leaveing your servers to drop like flys and your game in a broken state.

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Some of them are legit issues. “Half-health with blood splatter until taking damage” upon login is not only a cosmetic issue, it’s a liability in PVP. Food that rots with a timer that runs at lightning speed can ruin your experience. I’ve had both of these a lot recently, and it all has to do with server performance and staleness.

Thralls not attacking is a great way to level and capture, but it’s pretty boring for the player. And it makes for unappealing streams and video content. Happily, I haven’t run into that issue, or anything too ugly really.

If I could wish for anything, it would be the option of high-end Official Servers. 50-pop+ is definitely attainable with proper hardware. No disrespect to G-Portal intended.

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Yeah you just get admin abuse instead.