Funcom not giving Purges the proper attention

Purges were the most expected, wanted and exciting feature in this game but it NEVER worked.

Funcom, do you have any idea how many players already left the game out of boredom? Purges are the only thing outside the curve, the only feature that is not linear as progression… and yet its still not implemented properly!

Some people in my server have dedicated countless hours building bases for Purges and never got attacked since launch… Do you realize how absurd this is? The Purges either failed in the past, dont happen 99% of the time or happen when they are offline… People wouldnt even notice if Purges were turned off because nobody sees them anyways!

Once you “beat the game” Purges are the only unpredictable thing to do, and it feels like we have a 0,001% chance to get attacked every night. No wonder why so many already gave up, Purges are a Myth!


Not entirely true!
There have been a very few days during testlive, when purge was working perfectly. Them spawning wave after wave, running up to the base, attempting to destroy it.

I agree.
And that chance is due to a 24 purges per day cap being a maximum value. So probably only 1 purge would happen during all that time, while up to 200 unique players get on a server.
Also I think they should be more of a threat. I think all three times I started up, I got a completely t3 base and lvl 60 prior to the first purge.

I noticed this too. Purge worked better just before launch than afterward.

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It is indeed very frustrating having a full purge bar for weeks and nothing ever happening. Out of the 3 purges I’ve gotten, 2 of them defeated themselves and 1 of them bugged out and defeated itself halfway through.

While we’re on the topic, it would be nice if purges were scaled based on the “worth” of the target.


I think its important they happen in a regular basis and the meter should barely drop when they dont hit a important location. Ex, 2 foundations + a elevator you build just to cross a mountain… the meter should barely drop if that location gets attacked.

The thought of having a Purge hit some worthless location (like an elevator) and not your main base, then you dont see another Purge for almost 2 months is simply discouraging to keep playing the game…


I just want our official server to stay up long enough to even initiate a purge. (1518)

It’s one of the coolest features in the game but I agree its a mess.

I’m not sure they even know WHY it isn’t working.

I’ve had it working in offline mode but on my private GPortal server it has never not once triggered.

I made a post regarding this in bugs that got no attention but I see on the private GPortal server, when I check that clan tab in game, it reports NO clan members online when players are connected and playing. As the settings require 2 members to be on for it to trigger I suspect this is related to the problem. Who knows…

I agree and would love for this feature to get some attention.

Under default settings, that’s been true for us as well. However, our server admin changed the trigger setting, dropping it down from 42,000 to 10,000 and then further to 8,000. We also set the Purge requirement to 1 person online (thus any solo or clan can be attacked as long as there is someone online to receive that notification, but won’t happen when offline). The Purges have been occurring much more frequently now.

I would recommend changing the Purge settings to get your desired results. If you are on an official server, you might want to consider searching for a private, dedicated server so your group can have more control over the settings to make it more fun.

As long as the server isn’t recognizing any clan members online and reporting all players as offline I think the only solution would be to set it to trigger with no one online. Not ideal for my group of casuals.

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