Funcom-payment-request sent without 3D-Secure Code


i don’t know if it’s a bug or just my account :upside_down_face:, so i ask here, if someone else has the same problem.

After 2 years break, i decided to play AO again, so i bought last month a 6 month subscription, that time the payment worked.
Last week i wanted to buy a GRACE, but the payment failed (tried to buy on account .anarchy-online .com).

I know the old page register .funcom .com is better, therefore i tried to change there the payment from creditcard to paypal, but i just got an error-message “adding new paymentoption failed, the admin of the page got a notification. Please try it later.”.

So i switched back to the creditcard, but the payment failed again.

Today i called my creditcardprovider and got the information, that funcom doesn’t send the “3D-Secure”-Code, which is mandatory since 01.january 2021 in the european union.
They also told me, that the payment last month worked without the 3D-Secure Code, cause i already used the creditcard to buy a subscription of funcom in the past.
But now it needs the 3D-Secure Code, which is missing in the funcom-payment-request.
If i had used the creditcard regularly for funcom-payments, then the code would not be necessary (Example: if you buy regularly on Amazon, then the code is not needed or automatically trusted).

Last tuesday i opened a ticket on www .funcom .com/help and also updated the ticket with the informations i got, but i think that could take some time to get an answer from the funcom-support.

My account is playable till september, hopefully funcom can fix it in the next month’s ;).

Does anyone have the same problem or is it just me ? :thinking: :laughing:

thx ^^

Thats exactly what happened last week to me too.
Also tried to add a paypal payment method which wasn’t possible as u described.
Ticket is up but as we know chances are low that they will work on it.
Thanks god my accounts are paid until the end of the year 8)

So it’s just us 2 with that problem?
Theres currently no way for me to buy funcom points and support didn’t answer (as expected).

My payment faild after I had to update after my 1 year subscription ran out. So now I can’t play!!

till now no answer from support as expected :wink:

But it looks like many have a one year subscription, so slowly there will be more with payment-problems.
The fastest solution would be that funcom “repairs” the paypal payment option.

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Looks like Age of Conan subscribers have the same problem. so, yes sooner or later they will notice that they have no income any more ^^

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Generally speaking, you should attempt to create new payments through the new site ( instead of the old one - especially if you’re using PayPal. If you’re still running into issues with strong payment authentication, please send me a direct message and I can take a look.


New site did it for me. Thank you.

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Indeed, thx Andy,
With the new site i finally could purchase with paypal.

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cool, how did you do that ?

I have no menu with “add payment method” on the new site and i already tried to buy 2 times a “GRACE” there and therefore i have 2 times a failed payment in the payment history.
So i’m scared if i try a 3rd time and if it works, i have to pay 3 GRACE ^^, which i don’t want ;).

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There is indeed no “add payment method” on the main page but if you go through the process of buying something there will be a point where you can choose/add a payment method. In my case i had added the paypal mail adress on the old page which failed there, but did sent me to paypal on the new page.
The old failed payment try’s just vanished.

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thank you :), i had to delete the creditcard-payment-method on the old page and then buyed for testing 600 funcom-points on the new page and there i got the paypal option aswell, didn’t want to try the creditcard again ;).
So my problem is also solved :sweat_smile:

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