Funcom, please do something about the difficulty



I agree that the game is too easy for lvl 60 players and gimping yourself for a challenge isn’t really an ideal solution. But increasing the whole games difficulty isn’t ideal either, I did find it challenging (and more fun to play frankly) at low and mid level range. If Funcom makes the game more difficult for the sake of endgame players, what about new players with low level characters and no experience playing this game? should noobs be terrorized so that seasoned veterans can feel more challenged?

The only logical solution I can think of is to include more endgame content, just for example a new biome with harsher environmental conditions, much harder enemies and bosses and new dungeons. I assume thats what Funcom intended the volcano biome to be, but it seems it’s not enough.


But both the swamp and the whole desert map is for low level players already. 70% of the map is aimed at newbies. That is way too much. The desert is the starting area, that should be more than enough.


The sandstorm isn’t an endgame only issue, that’s true. However, endgame armor enforces the problem. because you can easily survive a sandstorm without even a sandstorm mask in endgame armor.
Being in a sandstorm without shelter should be dangerous without protective gear, i.e. sandstorm mask and armor, regardless of level.

Mob difficulty is relative and really depends on two things… your skill as a player and gear. And here the issue with endgame gear becomes really apparent, as an average skilled player can suddenly defeat mobs that were difficult before without issue.

Note: The above obviously doesn’t apply to skilled players but to low/average skill players only

Some things that might add difficulty without making the game impossible:

Frostbite/heatstroke should disable the Vit 30 perk passive health regeneration, therefore forcing the player to dress for the weather and use the approriate food.

Endgame gear needs to be brought down somewhat.

Cripple should be increased in effectiveness

Sandstorm damage should be increased to make either seeking shelter or having protective gear necessaary.


Honestly, depends on your definition of an “average skilled player”.
When going by the standards of the “communities” I started gaming with and a lot of the ones I have been over the years (also my own), then “one of average skill” would have little trouble with most normal enemies in Conan Exiles. Especially since most battles can be won via following the same pattern over and over again (heavy combo -> dodge -> rinse and repeat).

I agree that end-game gear enforces those problems even more, but I honestly don’t think that just nerfing that gear will really solve that.
I mean, even World Bosses/Dragons can be killed solo within less than 20 Minutes with Steel Weapons, lvl20 Armor and only little bit of effort put into the fight.
So some “AI, stats and animation buffs” are imho needed. No need to go full Dark Souls with it though. Other games have normal enemies that pose a threat in a good way, too.

During a Sandstorm one should definitely have to wear full protective gear (Mask + Armor), but I would also like to see it actually draining durability of the Setite/Sandstorm Mask (and Armor).
I also think that different “stages” would be nice, with a “full force” one where the player takes some damage, even in protective gear unless he’s “in a shelter”.

With the other two points I agree.


Poke and roll. Manage stamina as necessary, circle when exhausted. Have a snack when he sticks me too many times with his khopesh. I would not call the fight easy button. But for someone who has played the game, and is skilled with the combat system, I would state that it is not a difficult fight.

Setting the game challenge level is always a difficult prospect. It is nearly impossible to balance the hardcore, hours-invested players with the casualists. The thing that should be considered is that one single, hardcore/skilled player is not this game’s sole intended audience. If you make the game too challenging, you satisfy the “1%” players who are the top of the top. And you alienate the rest of the player base who is already having a tough time understanding why the house they built 8 days ago has been completely wiped.


It is easy to someone who managed to get to this part of the game =). Thats why the exploration experience needed to be nerfed. So people who gets to 60 actually knows whats happening or how to play it.

This game is actually very easy, not a matter of tending to the hardcore audience . Is more about learning how it works. When you learn how easy is to predic combat patterns, how stopping a combo and restarting is useful and to manage your stamina wisely it falls from avarage to very easy.

Thats so true that when it gets some kind of difficulty is when you’re fighting multiple enemies such as the volcano’s forge guards. Prediction gets a lot harder as stamina management but still not that big deal.

EDIT.: Also, even Conan himself knew when to pick a fight, to retreat or to avoid getting overwhelmed. RAMBO mode clearly dont work for this game.


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