Funcom please explain

Ok so here we are at it again with complaints over the official server #1650. Dark knights crash the server everyday through all hours of raid time.
Now that we have stated the facts I would love to know why the devs take the time to remove our posts instead of taking the 5 minutes it takes to just fix our server by banning them and removing dark knights bases. Isn’t posting about hackers and other problems with the game the whole reason that the forums exist? We want our server back, our posts to stop getting removed, or a full refund on conan exiles and all the dlc. Please read this and leave a comment instead of deleting the posts. If you delete it again without reading we will know that you do not care about the people who buy your games and you are only in this for a cash grab. We have sent hundreds of bug reports/tickets and we the people who all bought the game and all the dlc want to know what you are going to do about the problems we are having.


Ok we have already contacted them, they sent all the logs to funcom, Gportal have also sent in a massive amount of logs and funcom should respond at least and give us some info.

It’s certainly not ideal and I imagine your situation sucks, just figured I’d point out that the reason posts are being closed is because that’s their policy

I’d hate to see more people go, Official servers can be rough without moderators

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