Funcom please listen to me

Hello everyone Aren’t you annoyed by the fact that on PvP servers Funcom adds various garbage to the game that adds practically nothing and only makes the game more difficult and that’s why the game is no longer just like before?

this is the first spot that requires a minor correction of the small entrance, which would make it a legal, good place to build a base, and therefore it can also be attacked, unlike before.

This is the second spot they decided to destroy a long time ago and it was a very nice place and it was legal and it could be attacked, I don’t know why it was disabled maybe because a few losers couldn’t attack it

spot 3 is another very good place to build in pvp and it was turned off only because there are a few useless thrals there and it was enough to find another place for them instead of destroying a good place to build a base

spot 4 was also turned off only because a few losers were crying that they couldn’t raid this place and it is also a beautiful place to build a base

I still have many such places to build bases in pvp which are good and were destroyed by funcom for stupid reasons Funcom wants to have many players but it does not give anything in return to the players, which is why people started building in the undermesh or behind the green barrier, because there are practically no places to build bases now and that is why people are looking for alternatives

You destroyed the Apex bases with trebuchets, no one is building a base at a height anymore because there is no way to defend it, and all you need to do is reduce the dmg of explosive jars and the range

now you have added magic with a bat and you can say that you have destroyed another 50% of the spots for building the base because you don’t have to go through all the fortifications, barriers, etc., all you need to do is fly into the main base without disturbing the fortifications, whoever advised you on this, I have no idea, but for me it’s stupid and you should fire the man who advises you

I thought that since you don’t like pvp in your game so much, maybe you could release a game from a few years ago where all the building places are not destroyed yet. do something like a live test with several pvp servers and let pvp be in the old style, everything is good and has its own meta, archery, spear, hammer, daggers, everything had its good sides and one was against the other and now you have made it so that I don’t want to play pvp and many people left this beautiful game because of your stupid decisions

so please make a game like in the good old days, give us a game from a few years ago, let us have fun, play like it used to be, many servers were full and it was great fun. I hope that some people who play pvp will agree with me that now they don’t want to play it anymore because there are no places to build bases, many places destroyed by funcom for stupid reasons, they destroyed pvp in a beautiful game, I hope Funcom will come to its senses. and it will give us an old-style game from a few years ago in the form of a live test with several servers and in my opinion, these old-style servers would be full, all of them like before


The guy wants unraidable/hard to raid bases again.

Spot #3 inside screenshots:

Only raidable through here:

And here:

Spot #2:

You basically climb into it through a glitch in a mesh or place a bedroll through a crack.


Basically undermeshing.

Same with spot #1.

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I don’t know where you have a base for bedroll or undermesh, I used to rally and it was possible to enter there normally with a small character spot 2 and as for spot 3 on the volcano, you are also one of the criers who couldn’t destroy it? I know people who destroyed this place and it was 5vs5 and one of them was GarryTheBomber and his clan had no problem with destroying these places and pfirelord also had no such problems and it was enough to improve them slightly to make them very good places and to have more places to build

now how many good places do you have to build a base in pvp? You can count them on one hand
for me it was fun back then, not what it is now, there’s more pve trash and pvp fun than it used to be

Ironic coming from a topic crying about not being allowed to exploit the terrain in unintended ways.

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