Funcom Please Listen

It’s rumored that Bloodvax alone provided a salary for all 3 part time GMs during saga



@AndyB and @Spynosaur_Nicole

I have played this game off and on for a long time, and this game is the one that keeps bringing me back because of game play (combat and a more realistic in-game experience). But, it is also one of the more neglected games, period.

I am going to make some specific suggestions for players and player experience.

  1. Cosmetic – Introduce newer armors and skins for weapons. Allow us to alter the color or dye armors.

  2. Inventory space – Expand the size of inventories, banks, and GUILD BANKS! Create a cosmetic armor tab in our inventory.

  3. Crafting – add new recipes to game

  4. PVP – introduce a new playfield

  5. PVP – create a PVP event or playing field that automatically places all on the same level, regardless of AAs, or gear.

  6. PVE – finish up the new dungeon or playfield that was discussed but seems to have been dropped.

  7. Place tokens of guilding in special boxes that can drop from in any playfield.

  8. Cosmetic – add more badges to the game. Presently there are very few badges and they are limited to a single character.

  9. Show up in game a little more often…We do enjoy it when you do.

  10. Guild economy – take 10 % of all items sold in from a guild city vendor and send it to the guild bank.

I know that I haven’t ranked things in order, but I am throwing some things out that should be doable.

I hope that you will listen and do some of the things that we are suggesting. We love this game, or else we wouldn’t be here.


they`ll never do that,cause there are bunch of ppl who can fix all their mistakes and have great game running lol

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All of these are great suggestions. I will vote in order for these specific ones.

  1. No. 9 show up and talk with us more.
  2. No. 6 add the new content that was announced.
  3. No. 3 add more recipes.
  4. No. 4 add new PvP maps.
  5. No. 5 add new balanced PvP playfield.

The rest are of lesser importance for me personally, but all of these ideas are excellent.

Edit. 2 more ideas come to mind.

One. Make subs available with Funcom points, from the in-game store.
Two. Have a sale in the store on a more regular bases


I think everyone here is most likely aware how grossly incompetent Funcom is as a company at this point. It’s not surprising there’s a similar thing happening over on SWL; their mantra seems to be “make game, abandon it after a year or two, put it on maintenance mode and use money to make new game, rinse repeat”


If Funcom had any sense, theyd sell the rights of the games they didnt wish to pursue, for a nice cash injection. Rejig the the business model, and go only to publishing games highly polished games.

An AoC inspired RISK/CIV would be great, and theyd be able to outsource the hard work to the chinese and polish it on their end for publish.

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seems like FC lost the plot on actual meaningful game dev