Funcom please respond with a hotfix ETA reply - here is a review of all recent game breaking bugs

Funcom :clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face::clown_face:


This. Is. Hilarious. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


@Xevyr ok while I agree with Most of your post, how the hell is “merchants not selling” not game breaking? That’s the entire point of the sorcery update, and the kurak update. If you cannot buy from merchants, the whole point of the event is null. Do you have the ability to buy from merchants right now?

“Funcom please respond with a hotfix ETA reply - here is a review of all recent game breaking bugs”

Seems pretty clear to me. You did read the title, right?

No, but nothing in the TOS says you can’t. Wait, I thought you said you didn’t know the purpose of the thread, seems you do.

Really? I though the bugs just poped up in the code in red underlined :roll_eyes:

Once again, for those that are confused, this is not a bug report.

Which is what this is, how is that fact eluding you?

Once again this is not a bug report. It’s feed back, why can’t you tell the difference?

The speaks volumes right there. So basically it’s your opinion if a dev comes on here and says they are working on the merchant issue, you’d believe they are lying. So you have 0 faith these devs can fix bugs.

Lets see how long have NPCs been dropping through the ground? How difficult is it to reproduce? Is it getting worked on? Days :rofl:

Would you like a list of bugs that can be repeated on command, been in game for years, and will doubtfully ever get fixed.?

Minor bugs that you experience ever time you play are low priority, but that one bug that sometimes, in the right circumstance, crashes your game is top of the list.


I personally haven’t encountered any merchant that wasn’t working on PC but what exactly do you think you absolutely have to buy from a merchant to participate in the event?

Absolutely not the “entire point of the sorcery update” and it isn’t game breaking. The only thing the merchants sale you cannot get through other means, as far as I know, is that awful armor in the head hunter camps.

Ok @Tuffman so let’s scratch the sorcery merchants. The end game kurak boss, you have to “sell” the head to a merchant. I will not be doing this dungeon until merchants are fixed…

Are you implying you could care less if merchants were never fixed? Even if they are not essential to the game, obvious things like merchants should very much not be broken. But with your vibe, I’m assuming we should just remove merchants from the game and have the final dungeon be broken indefinitely :joy:

You happy?

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Did I ever say they shouldn’t be fixed if they weren’t working properly?

I said they aren’t a necessary part of the game and while highly inconvenient, not game breaking.

And how does not being able to sale the boss head break the dungeon exactly? You’d simply have a stockpile for when they fix the issue. A stockpile to turn in, and from what I can tell, be rewarded with the exact same things you’ve been getting for turning in sorcerer skulls for months.


@tuffman ok I stand corrected. Just didn’t get the vibe or attitude you were giving off initially.

However, I never said “all” of my issues were game breaking.

And different people have different definitions of what “game breaking” really is.

Honestly we are all wrong, the only game breaking bug would be one that doesn’t allow you to play at all - such as a disconnect or freeze the instant you log in. And most of those have been fixed. Very few players actually are stuck in the instant blue screen or infinite load screen these days.

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I said “pretty game breaking” so a better choice of words might be “relatively game breaking” - but I definitely did not mean absolutely. Lol :joy:

Invisible NPCs I would consider game breaking, and it’s an issue that’s been around on consoles much longer than it should.

I don’t know man, exaggerating the impact of certain issues gets to me at times. It’s all good and there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the vast majority of the content in the new chapter until they work out the kinks(hopefully).


I’ve come across some of the bugs mentioned and then some (I’m just about to make another report with the template) but this game as good as it can be will always be equally a buggy mess unfortunately.


And you have ran around and checked each and everyone of them, right?

Nether is NPCs falling through the ground and you see how fast that got fixed, right?

Because people will tolerate it.

How long do you think it would take Funcom to fix… well just the latest batch with the new update?
How long do you think it would take if everyone quit playing till they fix the latest round of bugs?

Bugs don’t get fixed if you find a work around; going out of render range and coming back. Here it seems more common for people to give up complaining about bugs then them actually getting fixed.

And since there is a work around no need to fix the merchants. right?


Where did I say they shouldn’t be fixed?

In defence of KingTyler, many many posts have been made about the “Lost Connection” issue, there has been no response whatsoever that addresses it. Dana has asked a totally unrelated question or two, and in response we all gave details, but no answer or word from anyone (unless I just haven’t seen it).

It is clearly a massive issue as I see posts from all platforms about it. I’ve personally commented on it around 20 times at least on multiple different threads. It is something that appears to only really be happening on Officials, so those on Private or Single Player may not see it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a massive plague on the Officials of all platforms.

This is a massive issue with the game right now, and there is no real fix around it. I can either stop initiating combat, or I can give up on my Official server and move to Single Player or Private servers, which doesn’t really seem like a solution to the actual problem.

EDIT: I’ve just seen that Sarealac is asking questions about it in PS thread, which is definitely a good first step.


I get that, but it’s still just an inconvenience as everything that they sell is available through other means in the world and none of it is actually essential to play the game.
Sure, it’s still annoying when things like this happen, I can’t argue with that :slight_smile:

Hi @DeaconElie :slight_smile:

Your bike is waiting :joy:

Nobody said anything about the ToS… or whether they can or cannot :slight_smile: I even specifically mentioned that we can make these threads all day and have nice conversations, seems like you might be the one who didn’t read?

I know you were going for sarcasm, but based on previous conversations… I actually believe you :stuck_out_tongue:

Context @DeaconElie … context… stop picking cherries or trying to purposely misinterpret things as usual :smiley:

Yes, and typically bugs that crash your game ARE treated as a higher severity… when a million people don’t crash though… and you and 5 others do… for unknown reasons… they can focus on it as much as they want, it’s still going to be elusive to identify the cause. (a lot of the crashes are like that… some of them aren’t though, which they do fix a few of every patch)

Which says far more about you then me.

Alternative interpretations are not misinterpretations.

So a bug experienced by hundreds of players is less important then one experienced by 5 players, because they are not crash bugs. This is why minor bugs that an overwhelming majority of people experience don’t ever get fixed, low priority, not a game crashes, there is a work around so no reason to ever fix. And why we get more legacy bugs with every build.

If a merchant is in game to sell you items and doesn’t THE GAME IS BROKEN, it may not be a crash bug, but the game is still broken. You wanting to belittle these bugs does not mean they are any less game breaking.


I’m pretty sure a million people experience the game crashes. EVERYONE in my old clan crashed regularly on server #3777 and I disconnect atleast 8 times a day - usually once upon entering my big main base, and 7 times randomly during npc combat - almost always when there are more than 3 npcs involved. I have never crashed in unnamed city it’s always human npcs near black galleon or Cimmerian camps. Perhaps since there are only 2 types of skeletons all with the same attack.

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Nice try. It was pay to win, get a grip.

Lol a grip? Extra inventory is not pay to win. A super op weapon is. Weird attitude you have @GodlyVoice