Funcom plz fix annoying old bug



plz somebody fix bloody barb bug of feat lvl 10 first reaver perk
it gives for ages now 0,5% (for reaver stance) and 1%(for bloodrage stance) of weapon damage multiplier% instead of 5%(25%all together) per rank like it is in description,

throughout my all playtime i came to realize that this is game breaking feature for barb, barb can get only that little and sin gets 165% 5 ranks of his first perk, silly and annoying tbh

plz fix


also if anybody have some little crucial fixes to be made write here

maybe we’ll get some help before saga start ;/


also stunning punch after cc immnity is longer than its i think now meant, since stunning punch is 40 sec and only 3 sec length (anyway always feels like 2/2.5), and for example hox morph stun lenght is even 6 sec and cc imunity status is only 20 sec same with bear shaman and else,

i think stunning punch not feated should be now 20 sec immunity to be fair and square with rest of classes

thx ;/


Its not bug. Barb is not a sin, sin is not a barb. Two different classes, two trees. Same for hox.


its not believe its not,
i did play barb few times incl having 2 on 10 pvp
and that silly bugs like there is lot for example on barb your proc feats when there were in the begining first of that type item and so and in one time back classes got huge health input in and those feats are from there before, so that silly you say ammount of % wouldnt do much…?
% is basicly what feeds of everything on meele chars, you say so sin no good from 165% weapon damage multiplier for first feat tree, try get with miasmas with it and without it
and it is bug cos description tells other thing which it happens
i only am about that cos pretty please barb is sh1… or no and sb plz will fix it?


Did I read that right? You want barbs to have more passive weapon damage on a level with sins?!


barb 1handed weapons have like 150% of the base dps of sin’s daggers… and then let’s see with 2handed weapons : :slight_smile: :grinning: :grin: :joy: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


even soldiers got more stable dps than barb, ofc stance dance including
plz fix it barb is gimp and Conan was one :rofl:
and barbs got only occasionall spikes when using tmct or rh
other than that is only few builds you can rely on, and those are boring, like zerker spam


Barb is totally fine and need no changes at all. Necro and Guard feats need to be changed.


you dont know what you are saying barb damage is so low output in itself that you wanna just cry when you play it, ofc you can look at 10 pvp running in minigames but those got no focus, i have 2 barbs on 20 pvp with more than 25k kills and i know what im saying


Oh really? I also have a barb at 8 pvp level, over 7k kills and 2k deaths. Either zerker or hybrid build provides a huge dmg output. What is more barb is tanky as hell, so having damage of a sin and survivability of a barb would be too OP. I am pretty sure Evito would agree with me


I’m sorry but the problem isn’t the class here. Barb has pretty much always been a in a good spot in both pve and pvp.

The best thing these days is that there’s many different possible builds and playstyles and the last revamp got rid of the bad feats that zerker had.


That’s weird, my barb easily reaches #1 in most parsers and I don’t even have the T5 rune nor do I have T5 or T6 gear (just the T6 weapons + necklace from the saga rewards, everything else is T4 or khitai epic).
Seems like that’s a problem on your side if your barb does so low damage.
There is really nothing wrong with this class.


Apart from the talent in reaver which supposedly increases the crit chance of cyclones but doesn’t do anything. I get around the same amount of crits without it.


Are you really sure it does not work? I didn’t read anything about it but then again - it’s a crit chance. Sometimes I get no Upheaval crits in boss fights but once we get to the box it crits 3 times in a row… same goes for the trash mobs, while we are fighting them I get the insane crits but once we face the boss I suddenly get no crits at all.


The guy that meets you on the shore, he still double kneels. Fix that as well. A bug first thing you start doesn’t look good for beginners that could be joining.


i was saying purely from pvp perspective
feat is broken end of it, it doesnt give even 1of 10th of what is written in description
pretty much all other classes at some point got biger stable dps than barbs
while your talking all is fine im betting all there is that you proc well your common feats like rh tmtc or welcoming death which is just 35% weapon damage multiplier for end feat where even soldiers got more from their early feats, and you think is ok but put yourself from perspective on 1 on 1 or gank where you dont have anything to rely on, and you fight double bubble conq with armor selfheal and god knows what else its there coded, or ranger/ casters that got range no starter cc and can kite you well, with stupid dps tools like necro dots demo insts, priests self heal and so on
im also that barb was fine some time back, but gear disadvantage broke game where gear is more needed than pure feat builds and other classes especially mages and else got it better than barbs
all im asking is fix this feat and maybe few others like swarm fighting getting resisted by barb himself and doing nothing often, armageddon falls or dance of death to be working like in old dayz, i could talk more and more
all i asked for is fix the damn lvl 10 first feat, 5 points for 2,5% weapon damage multiplier?!?