Funcom respond or else


This game has been one broken issue after another. As a full release you have a responsibility to fix these issues yet you can’t seem to do that without causing more. As well as some you seem to be ignoring or just outright unable to figure it out. One of my bases at rivensend disappeared in under 24 hours. Nothing on the event log of being attacked or if it was decayed. Now someone else has the location. After my time out in I have countless other bugs I could easily point out. Some of which have been there since official release. Since it is your game that has screwed me it is your responsibility to fix this issue. How do you plan to compensate me for the time I’ve lost and the stuff I can’t get back because of your failures? I have posted quite a few times and been ignored. I’m also have all dlc released which I’m going to want full compensation since you haven’t delivered a game that is truly playable to many things do not work properly and it has killed your game.


I’m also being ignored by Funcom, but I do realize why, so should you…


Because there customer service is the worst…



Wow, feel entitled much?

Ok, so the updates are buggy at times, I’ve lost loads of mats in chests and cupboards, but it’s a game, you choose to spend all those hours on there, now you can argue that the game wasn’t ready, but you can hardly demand to be compensated for you wanting to play the game. It’s just another challenge to overcome, just not one you can do much to combat, much like life…


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