Funcom should improve a few things ASAP

This game could potentially be awesome and one if the best ever but serious bugs and inadequate customer support could derail that. Every time I’ve made attempts to contact any of Funcom support routes if I get a response at all it is always that Funcom can not do anything. One of the most serious issues I’ve encountered is the unstable construction placement. I don’t like gathering resources snd working them into items for construction for it to disappear a day later.
If this has something to do with hoe builds are placed or where or how close another player claim is than at least please clarify and it explain how it works so I don’t keep having the issue if not then you have a major gamekiller bug.
My neighbor who moved here well after KE even built something WITHIN my claim area which I thought isn’t supposed to happen. That person had plenty of space to build away from me an not inside my build area yet the response I got was nothing can be done about a player encroaching on another. It can’t be distance related cause of how far apart and wide an area my neighbor built in. My furthest builds from each other pale in comparison.
You need to work in theses two things first an the most I think because I believe they are right now the most critical.