Funcom: suggestion of a fairer fix for orbs removal

Give every player back a stack of every orb.

Given you can manipulate our inventories and chests, it should be technically possible.

Your salomonic decision of removing all orbs even if they are legal, becomes a punishment for everybody.

Give your players the message that you listen and care about them.

Its as fair as removing thousands or hundreds of orbs. Lots of people lost them when they shouldnt, and with this maybe some get more than they had, but most will still miss many.

But its better than feeling totally punished and having to start from scratch.

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I think they were just astounded that you could just easily raid with one demon fire orb and a bunch of grease orbs.

Without using the ingame moderator panel, its ‘possible’ but leads to some issues. So… the reason the ingame moderator panel is right out is because it requires a person to log in to each of the 387 servers. Talk to each individual person, and ask them (hoping they are honest) if they were affected by this issue.

So… then it comes down to using a SQL command on the databases each server. This requires bringing down each server. Then executing a SQL command 387 times. Much easier than doing it ingame.

But… where do they put the orbs? Which inventory slot? Can’t put it in a chest, each person has a different set of chests, in different places, so doing chests would require doing a seperate command for each individual player.

So its gotta be the inventory. There’s 200 slots. Which one? the first 3? the last 3?

You run into issues doing this because players may be carrying important goods or equipment in those slots. You may overwrite someone’s legendary weapon, pieces of epic armor, ect. All for what? a stack of each orb?

With as many players as there are on official, even though they make up a minority of the playerbase. There’s still enough where intervention of any sort, is going to screw some other people over. Damage has been done. Best not cause anymore damage.


If they change an item, these changes aren’t retro-active to live servers it seems.

Remember in EA, after they change items, you still have the old items with a serial Nr. ?

Yeah. Think that’s the real issue here.

This isn’t true.

I’ve made a mod to change Armor Pen and Weapon damage on bows and it affects even bows that were created/spawned before the mod was enabled.

Its only when they make a new item ID that old ones become deprecated.

I see. I guess that is exactly what happened with the orbs then.

so they can take stuff away from inventories but still cant increase bow damage or fix accuracy…incredible

I don’t know anything technical wise about it, not even if what you state is right or not, but well, thanks for a possible explanation.

It sums up what I said in the OP: the fix is fairer for everybody, but it depends on its technical implementation. Probably nothing happens, but it’s an idea.

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