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Twice, twice I have had payments “pending AND on my credit card for over a week. TWICE I have submitted a ticket and TWICE have never had a reply. Then the payments just vanish from my card and from the record on the websites(for anarchy). Never a reply, never anything. Just deleted transactions. While I’m happy they returned my money, you can’t even reply to my email saying what is happening? I just figured to look at my statement and there were missing charges, then I look in the AO site and there aren’t the 2 transactions anymore. This is not how you go about fixing payment issues. You don’t just delete them… you don’t just ignore the customer. Reply to us, tell us it will be refunded within the cycle. Something. Anything. It’s customer service, service us. Stop ignoring us. A lot of people have given you over $100 to play and some of them STILL can’t play. Some of them STILL don’t have items. Some of them STILL don’t have points. How can one company have so many billing issues and STILL have this bad of customer support?

I cannot wait for classic WoW to release and, once again, leave the travesty of Funcom behind me.

I understand these are first-world problems. It affects my life very little. I just find it rather annoying when companies treat the people who make them money so badly.


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I had a similiar billing problem but received e-mail responses within 24-48 hours. I have noticed a few people on discord, and here, talking about not receiving responses for weeks. I am wondering if its something wrong with their and/or your email providers?

I used a gmail address. One guy who was going off in discord said he uses hotmail and hasn’t received anything back from them.

Did you at least get the typical automated ‘ticket has been submitted email’? Just curious.


Please check back later next week, during the weekend you will not get a reply - Noone is in the office, it’s EU law.

Be sure to check in spam/advertisement folders.

Otherwise, try finding a status page for your payment method and seeing if it did not have any issues at the time of purchase.


There might be worse customer service in the business, but I can’t imagine where. I’ve had 3 tickets in my AO life. All were dealing with payment issues.

I never once received a reply.

If you ever have a serious problem with your character or account, you are seriously screwed. Because it will still be that way when the sun is a cold dark lump and the earth has been burned away. So technically, it won’t still be that way because the data will be destroyed.

Maybe others have had good experiences? If so, I’d appreciate you sharing them to give me a sense of hope.


I heard there is 1 person who is dealing with the incoming tickets - for all the FC games. That is ridiculous… What is more ridiculous is that I submitted my ticket on 9th of March, and those who had a higher ticket number were accounted/ their problems were solved… I’m still waiting for a reply from the customer support…
WTB Live Chat Support back. That was awesome back in the days


Good experiences?

I had a character who I hadn’t played since the days when “Reclaim” actually meant something, i.e., your gear was removed upon death, and put into Reclaim. You then had to reclaim it, and re-equip it.

After Reclaim was made obsolete, I decided to play one of my 2001 toons and found that she had items still in reclaim.

However, there no longer exists a mechanism to retrieve an item from Reclaim. And I could not insure this character if items were still in Reclaim.

A GM met me in game to try to fix it, but to no avail.

The GM bumped it up to a database dev. Who discussed this with me, which allowed me to express my expectations, which was that I had no interest in retrieving the items, I just wanted the toon to be able to use an insurance terminal.

The database dev fixed it.

I’ve also had a couple of payment issues, always due to the fact that I play erratically, and so didn’t notice that since I last played, the credit card used had expired.

I’d then cure that, which resulted in double billing, all of which have been resolved by e-mail.

I do suspect though if you haven’t fixed the problem on your end, there’s not much point in them talking to you until you do.


None of these were EVER on my end.


I have the same thing as do many people. 7 days and counting and all I want is my 35 bucks refunded. If you want and you live in the U.S. you can lodge a complaint to the federal trade commission (877)FTC-HELP or 877-382-4357. They are there to help when taking real legal action is out of the question. Probably wont do much unless a ton of people do it, but it was nice to feel like someone was on my side.


I’ve had numerous problems over the years, mostly due to me trying to pay them with an expired credit card. I play so many games that I can’t keep up with it when the impulse hits, which by the way, ALL games should have a billing app that supports impulsive whims to give them money.

Funcom doesn’t.

I tried to fix that by putting all games on Paypal, but that didn’t work either with Funcom.

They really need a new billing app so when it happens that a payment method fails, it does not require someone on their end to cure it, the long delays of which prevent people from playing, and so they leave.

The billing app should allow the player to fix it. If they don’t fix their billing app, they will surely die, since they can’t even afford enough customer service reps to fix their poor billing software.

Fixing their cash register should be their first priority if they want to survive.

While making a good game is of course important, the frustrations I’ve experienced with billing is no doubt a primary reason for AO dying.

Nevertheless, Funcom has eventually cured every issue I’ve ever had, although it’s taken human intervention every time, which is very expensive for them compared to adequate software so that isn’t necessary.

And lots of patience on my part. Which they obviously should not take for granted.


support response times of 1-3 weeks are as bad as it gets in the business. for urgent account problems where people can not play and/or not pay. its just ridiculous and there is absolutely no excuse for such a bad support. this has cost fc many subscribers in the past and it still goes on… the account and billing system problems are not new. it´s been like this for over 10 years now.

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Waay over 10 years.
My acquaintance with billing system started in 2008 when I tried to buy SL expansion. I wish to forget those shaman dances around payment methods in order to pay 5 bucks, but I had no clue that such experience will get in use in 2019 to play AO again.
Maybe it (billing system) havent eviolved since 2001 :woozy_face:


they had so many problems with master accounts, so they closed that thing. unfortunately they didnt fix problems and everytime you re-sub after a while the accounts cant be accesses without a 1-3 week peition and someone unfreezing them.


… sorry but there is no support anymore in this game… I am still waiting for days now