Funcom Taking a Month Off? Exploiters Win. R.I.P. Conan

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Its no excuse on my side, im not the one who recently saved myself from bankruptcy, im not the one who released a game early or posted about it needing hundreds of fixes, nor am i the one who posting announcement about releasing things this week and then in less than 24 hours updating it to say next month.

I never said people are not allowed vacations as you can see in the reply above.

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I may have missed something.


Does this guy look like he is on a verge of bankruptcy ? :thinking:

That’s more or less correct. Services that have to stay open in order for society to function are ofc still available, but with a shorter time frame and the regular staff is offloaded by temporary employees. Funcom does not offer a service that is necessary for society to function, so they shut down.
I’m guessing they have someone holding the fort and doing minor work which then takes a delayed vacation.

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“FunCom creative director Joe Bylos told Engadget that despite the success of games like The Park and the MMO Age of Conan, the veteran studio was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, and that it’s latest hit, the fantasy-survival game Conan Exiles, saved the company from going completely under.”

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Again. They have a studio in North Carolina, USA. Paid with American dollars. On American schedules. With American labor laws in place. Would everyone just please stop with the “it’s not their fault they have to take vacation. Everyone needs one.” Should have probably thought that out before releasing a game in May. Just saying. And again. Funcom North Carolina, what they doing? Working on a game that will come out next year. While at the sametime the game that is broken is being peddled around the world. There is nothing wrong with that right. And look I know they haven’t been working on CE. But I am pretty damn sure they can find bugs and mistakes and everything. That doesn’t take a rocket scientist. They are not designing CE they are fixing and tweaking. Big difference.


In case you missed the announcement earlier today we’re going to be making a final push to get the 500+ patch to the PC version. In order to do that we need help from you, the players.

Please take the time to read this thread and help us out:


Take it you never been to Spain or any of its territories… the whole government shuts down for the summer months and only the essentials and tourist industries run… mental I know but it’s true… spent a few years living in Tenerife and trying to get anything done in August is next to impossible. Personally I think they should of had the laugh in September so they could of focused on the game without the vacation being straight after…

I am glad you are doing this, but giving the testers a free DLC is garbage when only PC players can do the testlive.

Wow thats an Announcement and a very positive reaction. That is the right way to handle the Community. We will help you and stay with you together. We know that you come from hard times and most of us understand your situation. Speak with us in this way and we will help you.
Thank you Funcom! Now you will have my trust again. I will support you and join the Server if i a am fast enough :smiley:

See you ingame :slight_smile:

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Well, this is a stress test for the PC version specifically, but I completely understand where you’re coming from. I’ll see if I can think of similar ways to reward our console audience as well.


Clan Halcyon stands with you, Funcom!

brings out the Warhorn and blows into it
Charges towards the test server!


Some of my clan-mates are going to join me in the rush on the PvE server, if you want to join us. :slight_smile:

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U can bet by Ymir’s balls, I shall draw my sword by your side! But Alas, EU or US?

I’m gonna hit EU 3 :slight_smile:


Aaaahhh, sorry, we’ll be on US. :slight_smile: Got three of my clan-mates already, and another random person said they’d join us for the power level. XD

HAH that’s cool :slight_smile: Which US server? Maybe I’ll get some luck on the ping :wink: I do want in on the power leveling xP

There are a few things I need to test for myself on TestLive aswell, i.e. if there is an anti-grief zone around obilisks now, or not, and how far out the anti-grief zone is, so i can adjust my public maprooms on PvE accordingly.

Yeah man. I’m impressed. To do one last heavy push to get the patch out so that we may enjoy our own vacations too! That I won’t forget :slight_smile:

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It’ll be on US 1 PVE, don’t want to deal with the pvp because I’m more interested in getting in, hitting 25, then getting out to free up room for other people. Not sure exactly what we’ll do, just run around to PoI’s, kill stuff, get emotes, anything to level up as fast as we can. XD

I removed that last part so nobody gets any bad ideas. >_>;; lol

If it is 1x, ok, its a lot for 1 day. If it has accelerated rates, 2-3x as announcement says, its easy to reach without exploiting exp system too much. I imagine they want us to try things / beta test new patch, not only rush to 25 xD so on my side, I will try to do it more or less legit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Funcom for such a great and surprising move xD

PS: going to EU pve 3 if not full—>no, going to “testlive combat 1” as it seems to be the only pve one xD im sure it will be full by 22h hehe

Yes, that is what we want.


I * hope* it’s gonna be a madhouse on the test server, cuz it sounds like they wanna do a stress test and see how much the server can handle under load and see what can go wrong.

If I can make it online and I see enough bugs that I can live with… i hope they release it. But that’s not for me to decide… I just wish enough people will see it my way.

Cuz I don’t wanna spend the next 4 weeks, in maintanence mode… this means so much to me.

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