Funcom Taking a Month Off? Exploiters Win. R.I.P. Conan

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If it is 1x, ok, its a lot for 1 day. If it has accelerated rates, 2-3x as announcement says, its easy to reach without exploiting exp system too much. I imagine they want us to try things / beta test new patch, not only rush to 25 xD so on my side, I will try to do it more or less legit :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Funcom for such a great and surprising move xD

PS: going to EU pve 3 if not full—>no, going to “testlive combat 1” as it seems to be the only pve one xD im sure it will be full by 22h hehe

Yes, that is what we want.


I * hope* it’s gonna be a madhouse on the test server, cuz it sounds like they wanna do a stress test and see how much the server can handle under load and see what can go wrong.

If I can make it online and I see enough bugs that I can live with… i hope they release it. But that’s not for me to decide… I just wish enough people will see it my way.

Cuz I don’t wanna spend the next 4 weeks, in maintanence mode… this means so much to me.

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Same, for me its either maintenance mode, logging in tediously only to refresh timers, or play it whole summer, if patch is released.

So lets try to test it the best we can! im too concerned about getting to 25 on time xD but if its not 1x we can do it!
PS: like always, there is 1/3 of pve servers, which are double full than pvp xD

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Nyeah…who cares about the PvP folks. They always think they are more important than us care-bears anyway xPPP


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Problems already XD

I dont see Testlive Eu version of PvE, only for US.

The PvPP servers have 1x exp, 2x harvest. somehow, the only pve server I see now (us testlivecombat 3) has 1x and 1x.

Also, did I read wrong, or announcement said it would have accelerated exp rates? It is 1x so far xD Will it change at 22h?

Otherwise it doesnt sound as good, no eu pve server, 1x all…1 day left…lol XD

Lets hope they change the rates at 22h and that the EU pve server appears XD

They are wiping the server in 1:30 hours from now, leaving only the buildings.
The rates will be adjusted :3

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True, didnt get this correctly xD

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I’m so happy they are doing this!
This is really what I needed. Something I can help with, and having some hope.
Ya know?!
The free DLC is like a cherry on top :slight_smile:


We haven’t rolled out the patch yet :wink: We’re still getting set up


Cool, thanks! First time I run out of likes in the forum, they are on a 8 minute cooldown (which is funny itself xD)

Anyway thanks for your decision, was a very good idea, we players will be able to help, not by “beta testing on a released game” but for our own benefit plus a very interesting reward (a free dlc I was probably gonna get despite Im not very happy with khitai stuff balance xD)

And if the patch is too buggy we will be able to see by ourselves, so its really a good idea.


I move to the Testlife Server to find Bugs that we can communicate with Funcom Not to Rush that i will get the free dlc. Its a great direction that Funcom changed and that i will Support with or without the free dlc. What they do for us i am very Happy with it and i spend gladly my Money for a company Like this.

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Yep its a very good idea! But I am only pointing out, by mistake, the exp rates are not the faster rates they said, because I didnt realize it will change at 22h,.

If you read above im the first one saying that the idea is to test things and find / report bugs, and not only rush to lvl 25 :stuck_out_tongue:


That would be most appreciated:)

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That was not a personaly attack, sry If i wrote it to hard :smiley: english is not my Main speak. It is fine have a great time ingame dude :smiley:

hehe no problem xD its just that for my own and everybodies benefit I am trying to say exactly same than you, that we shouldnt rush lvl 25, but try things and report bugs.

Hell, im trying to find 500 patch testlive notes, which ive read a few times, to remind me about which fixes should I test :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey erbody, I’m planning to join a US PVP server when it’s ready, probably US2 (I can see they’re all down now). As I have done this about 1,098 times already, I can assure you you’ll hit 25 in about 30 minutes of pleasant northward movement. If anybody wants to join, I’ll be stressing combat, a few problem dungeon spots and a bit of thralling.

Just a heads-up. I adjusted the original post to make it clear that we took down the TestLive Servers in preparation for the Test Event. That is to add some more fixes, adjust the exp and harvesting rates and also remove Ping Limits. The Servers will come back at 10pm Oslo (4pm EST).

Thanks for joining and helping us get this mother of a patch out :slight_smile:


We thank you too :slight_smile:

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Personally I don’t really care if they’re moderated though some level of anti cheat/exploit would make sense if only for the PVP side of things , I just want them to WORK and be stable enough to actually play on.(I ended up dieing three-four times in a row because the server started lagging and rubberbanding me all over the place while I was trying to recover my sh- stuff… (Forgot the S word isn’t alloud here for a moment even though we can say poop, dung, manure, feces, boom boom, poo, crap, turd and poopoo…)

Point is, I want the online service if it is provided to be reliable… Not me screaming at my computer because I died 1 second after respawn because there was a monster on my bed after getting killed by an enemy that lag teliported into my face when I thought It was safe to re-equip my gear…)