Funcom Taking a Month Off? Exploiters Win. R.I.P. Conan

I was planning on trying out Testlive anyway when the 500 fix update hit. The free DLC just made me do it today xD

i understand that they want to go on holiday wkth their family, especially when the community is bi*ching like this


free dlc? waddaya talking about what did i miss

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Looks like 5x exp and harvest based on the eu server I saw pop up for a minute.

Testlive updates are now ready to go! Head in and do your thing!


AND, an update to get in. My mistake for jumping the gun and updating sooner xD

still cant play any of it #imonxbox

Not seeing any servers on Testlive now. Do I need to do a special setting.

I see them. They are all 40/40

yeah the testlive servers are full, going to be fun trying to get in :confused:

Okay, if they are all full, then I won’t participate. Spending time to download patch only to watch the sever board does not sound like it will help anyone.

I am actually kind of agreeing here. If I can’t get in because people refuse to drop once they meet the requirements, probably just gonna shelf the game entirely. Got a feeling a lot of people will purposefully stay in game just to grief people out of their chance

XD I knew they would be full. Well I wanted to participate helping with the incentive of free dlc, but I was gonna get it anyway, so…

Just hope not everybody is rushing exp via poi / journal and not testing or reporting anything xD


I can’t get in because I keep getting this Steam Error

An error occurred while updating Conan Exiles (missing file privileges):

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\ConanSandbox.exe

I’m going to try restarting, I tried verifying the game files and that didn’t do anything. I don’t really want to reinstall. Any insight would be appreciated

EDIT: Restarting the computer and then the update did the trick


Get an auto-retry slot. :smiley:

I do on testlive us 3 since i’ve played on it before but it’s already reading 41/40 in the steam window

Yes, I will buy it anyway as I love the building colors. I am a bit disappointed as I don’t usually play in Testlive so I put forth much effort to do this today…on a holiday even. It’s all good.

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Great!..oh hope this fixes the servers too!!

@Tascha , where it says email after the event, does that mean to wait to email till tomorrow? As a clarification, or would it be ok to email after we hit the 25 mark?