Funcom team needs a dungeon master!

I love the new settings, the atmosphere, the meta. I think the vaults are visually stunning and also fun to go through, but…
Don’t they all feel a bit too repetitive? Wouldn’t they become overwhelmingly exciting if there were:

  • more hidden chests?
  • hidden traps?
  • secret passages??!!??

Ideally, all 3 placed/activated randomly when you instantiate the dungeon… to bring a bit of that dynamic environment Funcom wanted to give us?
Right now it feels like I’m in that awesomely decorated, fully linear dungeon. I am aware that creating good puzzles takes a lot of time and effort. But a few booby traps and secret chests, if placed/activated randomly would add a great dimension to the gameplay.

Those were my 2 cents. If you agree, help me petitioning funcom and let’s make the vaults great again!


I must admit, even without them being random, probably my favourite dungeon section in the EL is that bit of the Warmaker’s sanctuary with all the traps and side rooms (where you get the extra keys). Trying to fight and move around in there without backing into traps, playing with the springboards to launch myself to parts I otherwise couldn’t reach, it always feels entertaining (and there’s enough going on that, even without randomness, it feels different and unpredictable - the way the fight goes affecting how you interact with the traps and the rest of the space).

A ‘dynamic’ version of that could be really cool (and probably deadly :wink: ) - even something as simple as each trap (or whatever) having 2 or 3 possible spots within the dungeon (and maybe a ‘not this time’ option as well, where that trap doesn’t spawn at all) and just rng picking one of the options for each when you enter. Just that simple level of unpredictability could potentially add a ton of replay value to the vaults.


+1 suggestion. I was searching all around the approach to the boss in one of the Drowned grottos for hidden chests or passages among the frog eggs but couldn’t find one. Thing is I don’t think the tech will allow them to instantiate instances and thus add some procedural generation. Would be nice though. They might be able to change spawn locations for mobs and things like spike traps though.


Aye! Seeing that lots of the vaults are starting with 3 parallel sets of stairs, wouldn’t it be just fun that 2 of them were trapped and you never know which one :wink:
Of course with the ability to either activate the trap, or escape with good reflexes (like the floor opening under you, but you can still grab onto the ledge If you’re fast)


I would have loved to see more stuff, the dungeon where you must climb is nice, finding the orbs in the water dungeon is too…

But these are a few things and feels not that exciting to me too small easy to rush.

Would have loved to see more puzzles, traps and passages.

  • Puzzles to solve for example putting things in the right order, pulling the right lever, pressure plates, unblock (there 100rds):

  • Labyrinths that for example changes over time:
  • Traps like tripwire, falling floors, spikes from wall, water fill chambers, time traps:
  • Finding a key, or parts for a lever to open a gate, build a bridge by harvesting stone and wood inside the dungeon (make it hard to build and reset after each clear), lighting signal fires

  • Kill a subboss before you can open a room or escape a trap

I can go on and on with idea’s most are already done in other games movies and such so the ideas are already out there.

But make them all variable, so that no one can rush a dungeon cause its always the same, like:

  • hide the key on different locations
  • build a bridge on different ground (or roof with pillars)
  • Light fires in the correct order
  • Hide traps in different locations
  • Labyrinth layout must be different at start till the end, so no replay is the same
  • Different order in pressure plates
  • Different unblock puzzle each time
  • Do I need to continue?

This all with some riddles and problem solving and the dungeons would feel like a new experience any time you enter instead of a grindy replay you can rush rush rush through.


Yeah sure all that for an empty chest in the end, with rng at best.

They removed the traps in EL, they removed all possibilites to make traps with eleveators and carpets.

Good there some in the new dungeon in EL but its hardly any traps.

I thought we we’re discussing dungeons not the related bugs xD


SKYRIM had features similar to what you mentioned. Don’t want to say how many times we tried open those revolving locks before we looked at the stones with animals.


And it’s all spike traps, right?
What about a pit, firetrap, a door opening on a swarm of snakes, a huge swinging log hitting your face, falling boulders?

And the thing with the rng is
people get mad because of all the rng based rewards, which make the game super grindy at times. How good would that be to have an rng based challenge, with a slightly more deterministic reward?




A paradigm change from “grind ad nauseam and RNG the reward” to “RNG the challenge and the reward is known (ish)” would improve many systems in CE, not just the Dungeons.


The black keep used to have traps but for some unknown reason they removed them

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Yeah i remember that! Probably someone asked to nerf them :slight_smile:
Was only spikes though… I’m hoping to see something a bit new and different

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The Black Keep was one big trap. I always got lost there. :slight_smile: :sweat_smile:


You aren’t alone :smile:

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A few months ago, I decided to make a base next to it and try farming it regularly.
Still getting lost. Every time.
Maybe we can agree the black keep is good dungeon design :rofl:


Spike, Gas and the block that shoots you into the air.

I agree with you, all im saying what they did cause it was too difficult or something. aka Black Keep.

On my rhino, leveling a pet. Jump off find 2 barks inside skeleton, jump back up kill another, find 10 steelbars in one. Think yesterday i jumped off 100 times to find an empty one. It’s getting old fast!

Lol I completely forgot about that one, because i didn’t trigger it in forever. I guess that’s normal when you know exactly where the traps are…

I always step on it so the Dungeon Gods can be happy.

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I use them to get to the parts of the dungeon that can’t otherwise be reached :wink: