Funcom the hackers in this game is why no one plays it. See below

So tonight we had a player somehow teleport into our base and empty it. No damage at all.

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Any bugs players spot can be logged correctly via: NEW Bug Report Template - #4 by AndyB

But, do a quick Search to see feedback to others that have also experienced this and who may have already logged the issue, and for solutions (if any).

Some players have set traps for unwary players trying exploits such as this - by building a double wall with the block-space between filled with spikes, gas trap, etc. This meant that the offending player that uses this exploit has an excellent chance of appearing inside and insta-dying and heading off to the desert.

btw, stats suggest otherwise re “no one plays it”, but appreciate that this is your impression, which you are free to.

Greetings @BEARASS ,

Thank you for bringing our attention to this!

Please take into account that similar reports should be made trough our Zendesk.