Funcom, The New Patch Is A Huge Letdown

The patch is 99% nitpicky random things that has no meaningful impact on the game as have the other patches you have released so far. Why people were tasked with wasting time even looking at these things while large glaring issues have persisted from their inception is beyond baffling.

At over 1000 hours played, here are my suggestions that would be worthwhile issues to focus on. These are issues that people actually care about and will change the game for the better and keep people playing.

  • T3 Black Ice is incredibly imbalanced in its crafting costs.

  • Running from combat when you are losing is a un-counterable strategy.

  • Vaults being overpowered at 108 Jars to destroy and take next to no damage from other sources, being so cheap to craft and having no cap on how many a clan can place, let alone the fact that they float when their foundations are destroyed. End game clans with 20+ vaults isn’t fun for anyone.

  • Named Armorers not giving the recipes they are supposed to.

  • PvP meta entirely being wear Legion and wield a Kingslayer spear or lose. (You actually just made this worse with the spiked attachment nerf.)

  • 99% of the food is worthless to make and is usually worse than the incredibly easier to craft Roasted Haunch.

  • Dungeons are incredibly easy and exploitable, running to the end past all of the mobs and grabbing the recipes with zero danger shouldn’t be a thing. Recipes at the VERY least should require killing the boss.

  • Ranged weapon options are woefully inadequate in terms of accuracy and usability.

  • Lack of clan permissions, let alone Alliance features.

  • Event Log is woefully inadequate, extremely limited number of entries, no timestamps, no co-ordinates, no damage type.

  • The swamp being a huge empty (yet pretty) waste of space.

  • Items weighing way to much to the point that using a yellow lotus 5 times a day is a common occurrence, coupled with the annoyance of re doing feats every single time you do, separate potions for feats and attributes should be a thing until you come up with a solution.


I wouldn’t call the game difficulty as a priority to be fixed. Because, there are just so many basic things that SHOULD HAVE BEEN FIXED AND RELEASED IN OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE.

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Spear is far from the best weapon in game, and if you arent mixing the SL armor with something else you are behind the curve.

I would agree with the rest hands down though.

Spear is when you figure out you can reset the first heavy attack at around 0.5s and stunlock people. And yes Flawless Cimmerian Heavy hat or Shaman if you cbf waiting around for the 1% spawn rate of the t4 armorer at the mounds.

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