Funcom This is Best to Do For Conan Exiles to Survive

Some changes while make sense & are welcome should still be voted on Forum Community. Other Changes YOU! make on Game because you can you say is your Game on EULA still as you have seen drawn the Ire of so many that Leave Game for good for obvious reasons. In Market were better establish survival game are popular Will & shall take more of Funcom fan Base. Forcing Crap on Exiles because you can is making you lose revenue & future player to ever buy this Game, Right now Storm brewing against all those changes have become Negative in Community. As you have shown Funcom listen to the Few. the Many you tend to Ignore. Now I Notice too that with every big change you make new exploit’s pop up. Truth about it is this Player giving you idea what to change know this will happen & they wait once you rolled this change to pounce on your trust to gain upper hand. Think about it.