Funcom: this will be a good time to hold a stream

there are so many concerns, and so many doubts with this new patch , that i think it will bring peace of mind if you guys pull a Q/A stream like ASAP!.

few questions i feel important : *could be many more, (i will add them in this topic in order to have them organized for them to answer :

  • future of the new economy changes, in relation to rewards for players.
  • exiles lands : future of the purge system . as of now, there is no difference between purge thralls and normal t4s, does it make sense to have purges? or to players to work towards getting a purge?
  • relevance or not of t4 thralls and purge type thralls (will purge thrall offer some other type of rewards, like new recipes?)
  • siptah : surge types, variability tons of faction but only a few are able to bring a t4 (i do recommend that you group several factions for instance : North altar : can brin cimmerian vanir, aesir (randomly generated) alll of them capable of having t4s (plenty to bring from the exiles lands already)
  • roadmaps regarding conan evolution, where exactly are we heading? whats the developers vision?

(more to be added)


Agreed, so far the only one answering our questions or responding to our bugs is @Ignasis but it would be mean more to the players if Funcom can address the player’s concerns and questions. A company that has surprised me this year is blizzard, they delayed shadowlands release due to players concern with the current classes and systems, they increased the communication between players and devs, even did one on one’s with known players to further increase the reasoning and way of thinking for what they changed, added or removed from the game.

I agree Funcom should hold another stream.

And more importantly they should stick to their guns with these new changes. Don’t succumb to the outrage mob. These changes are healthy for the game.

Agreed. I’m actually surprised they didn’t hold a stream today.

lol, they will do what they feel fits the majority of players and if its aligned with their plans, things can change , reason why they are looking for feedback,. they said they will make changes based on that.

but i think it is important to come out , and answer several important questions , and where they are heading.

if you have good questions to ask , please drop them here, :slight_smile:

The first thing that needs to be addressed in my eyes is what the next two patches consist of and not keep it vague like the last stream. If you want people to get on board with the current changes to crafting and stations people need to be able to see that there is an overall reason you did what you did. I think there is an overall tie in personally but I have no insight just an opinion. If that is the case they need to tell people whats going on. Because as it stands right now other than the few people who like everything that changed the majority of Steam is negative about it and you can see the drop off since Siptah released of thousands of players from steam charts. So if they are smart they should be addressing this head on or they can go the way of age of conan.

i rather want to understand where they are heading. cause right now i am a bit lost,

for pve they removed the importance for t4s by a lot, and that actually hit us. was this a necessary change? i am now spending more time runging from bench to bench carrying stuff made in one and place on the othe that needs it. they could have done the same with tabs, to solve the clutter. but ferrying stuff from one bench to another one is not exactly ideal for me.

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