Funcom took away building in open desert

So, as I said in title, the open desert with dunes west of the Oasis is a " Can’t build here" zone in testlive , and I mean the area near the green wall, I really would like to understand why FC did this or if its just because of testlive, as being “combat test servers”.

In some servers I saw nice Pyramids, Inns/Tarverns in there, and it happens to be a good reclusive place for a hideout.

If its intentional, then why FC? there is nothing in there that could prevent building, just the greenwall and its towers, there is a deep dune there that its such a beautiful place, it naturallyt hides you from sight at distance, its an awesome place to build for Stygians and Hyrcanians like me haha, as it sits on testlive, I hope it will remain as the live servers.

They forgot some area bugged, like the whole area left of the mounds of the dead.

It’s testlive, it’s not meant for production, just for testing combat.

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Yeah, as q9c9p mentioned, this isn’t intentional. This bug has been fixed in our internal build that we’ll push out next. :slight_smile: Sorry for the temporary inconvenience!


Ohhh, very pleased to see its not a decision from you guys! Thanks for the confirmation Nicole. ^^

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