Funcom. U know its true

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Yes…6…that’s too few bro…Conan is doomed, if you don’t know that people are abandoning it’s because you play solo. More than 50+ players that I know quit because of glitches! LATAM where I play there is only 1 server with 20+ players…hardly 2 LATAM servers with 20+ PS4 platform…EU is empty…only America is playing I guess

When I posted that it was all regions combined, just before EU raid time…

It’s sad

There is one reason why we do not use wikipedia: bad code about code. Maybe what you call metastatic peripheral human exchange manifolds and notations I simply call netcode. Some use ILSpy to see it and some just continue to write in higher and higher-level languages. :man_shrugging:

EXACTLY! The scraps are great. One run with getting keys and killing the warmaker is enough to get the helm…and that is an obscenely durable gas mask for your thrall(s)…let them use acid arrows…they will take the entire raid time trying to remove the mask.

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Some “geniuses” know how to introduce “glitches” in their so-called net code to gain certain advantages in game play.
What surprises me is I haven’t seen it mentioned here, but instead finger pointing is going on to divert certain attention.

I have almost 4500 hours of gameplay on conan between singol player, official server, and private servers to have some mods that compensate for funcom shortcomings. As a survival game I still consider it spectacular for crafting but it is focused too much in favor of pvp who waste no time in creating a progressive palace like a pve-c or pve. many decorative objects and few useful and usable. unfortunately many private servers decreasing players close. on official servers you find players biting and fleeing and someone who fortunately instead plays in full-immersion. unfortunately, those like me who do not know languages often feel apart, but I find it fascinating that we see the commitment of others and what they build. I don’t know if the most used mod builders have their own servers. For two months I started again on the 1301 between bugs and deficiencies and there is movement while on the 1001 where I have a base for three years I see only a few bites and escapes. i hope the future dlc are not aesthetic but insert dungeons or maps or new settlements otherwise it will remain a game to create and destroy in pvp and the other pve-c and pve servers will vanish

The truth of funcom? Here she is! I wrote a post showing proof that funcom protects cheaters. After only 2 minutes they deleted my post. Ok … So I write here in the hope that everyone will read.
I have reported a clan of cheaters through the appropriate section of the site. Funcom asked me for more screenshots after a week. I sent 95 !!! AFTER 2 MONTHS funcom wrote me this:
"Greetings Exile,

We currently experience a high number of contacts from our community, and regret not having been able to do an in depth investigation on the issue you reported.

We hope it has already improved on its own. However, if this still impacts your experience on official servers, please feel free to get back to us and let us know.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. "
They don’t do anything against cheaters, but they are super quick at deleting awkward posts. Absurd!!!


You understand that forum moderation and server moderation is totally different and it is addressed by different people, do you?

They may be different fishes but they still swim in the same pond.

It’s the “it’s not that funcom reps fault it’s that other reps fault … why you hating on funcom it’s not their fault” logic defense.

It never gets old in its reuse here :rofl:

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